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I have a question. buyers, did he look at all the offer or did Fiverr give some offer to buyers?

When I see a buyer request and I look the sent offer 0 seller. After that I read the buyer request description then I sent offer it’s take maximum 2 minutes. By then I saw 200 or more offer gone.
I think almost impossible to get the job. I have a question that buyers, did he look at all the offer or did Fiverr give some offer to buyers?


I never experienced this on Fiverr, but have faced this in many other bidding platforms. Anyway, Fiverr is not based on bidding things, to get a job/order you need to focus on your gig.


I think @experthridoy24 is right, in some fields where competition is higher, most of the sellers face the same issue!


Thanks bro for your comment.

It’s too complicated to get a job for new seller. :slightly_frowning_face:

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Everybody starts as a new seller, you have to find a way of standing out over your competition, especially if you’re in a niche that any one can do. (Not saying you are)

I just took a look at your gigs and they are for back ground removal and photoshop, and both have a lot of competition. In your back ground removal gig on your $5 package, you have the # of images set to 99,999 and express delivery set at $1,000. You can’t expect people to view you as a professional with errors like that riddled through out your gig.

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Thanks a lot for pointing me out. i just solved what you said on my gig. now is It right for me? And, yes you are right my gig is common and very competition. that’s why I’ll create another gig very soon. @j6nyc6 Thanks again.