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I have a question comunity


Hi all. Is it possible to offer free gigs to be able to get some rewievs in the beginning for later return to the original price?.

I’m not crazy. I just need to test myself and see if I can really have a hole here.

Good day for all :).


No. It’s a platform for buying and selling. Without an exchange of money, you won’t be able to get a review.


Ok…thanks. Can you give me some advice?

This is my profile :



I’m confused about why you have separate gigs for what seem like basically the same thing (same avatar style and all).

You don’t need both cool and beautiful ones.


Unfortunately you can’t offer free work. However, you can offer your services at the lowest possible price ($5) and overdeliver so your buyer is impressed with how much you did for $5. Maybe deliver extremely fast or offer more avatars than your $5 service offers? Then you’ll have a good chance of receiving a glowing review. I totally understand wanting to build up your review section, just be patient and you’ll get there!


Thanks. In one of them I do 3 avatars for 5€, i think is a good offer, but maybe can do something. Maybe tought do gigs for theme and isn´t good idea…Can be the description? my english is not good…


I think you are offering too much for too little, and no one will take you seriously this way. You’ve got a good style and is easily worth more than 5 for just one. Price yourself like a serious seller, not an amateur. You’ve got this buddy.


@keithart85 I see you made a sale on one of your gigs…Congrats for that


Really thanks, is nice when people like your work. i go to change the price of avatars for a higher price to see what happens. :).

Yes mywordpresspro, i had my first order and was great, was a great buyer. He give me 5 $ extra money for job :p.