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I have a question for artists who have hand draw services?

I’m just wondering how you guys deliver the result after drawing (using pencil or ballpoint pen or something like that…) , I mean you take a picture with your camera or scan it and then send the file. which way the buyers like the best and I should do?

Thanks all!

Nice portfolio!

As for your question…

When I’ve done hand-drawn illustrations (although not on Fiverr), I’ve scanned them to a fairly high resolution and sent the resulting files to my clients. I’ve cropped the scanned image when the paper edges were visible on the scan or if there were excessive white spaces that were not part of the design.

It really depends on what tools you have available and what the customers want. I do hand lettering, and if I send a digital file, I usually scan the drawing and clean it up in Illustrator a little bit before compiling it and sending a high-res .jpg. Many of my clients want to use my lettering for print or logos, however, so I also offer an option for a vector file, and in that case, I spend a lot of time in Illustrator refining the overall appearance before sending the file.