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I have a question for Top Rated Sellers

I have a question for Top Rated Sellers:

How many orders did you have completed in the moment you became a Top Rated Seller?

Thank you :slight_smile:

TRS’s are chosen by the Fiverr brass. That’s why you see TRS’s with almost no sales sometimes. It has nothing at all to do with your sales amount.

If you don’t do a hell of a good job, keep your ratings up and everything else… You’re not going to become a TRS. But in the end, although your Stats and sales are factors, a Fiverr Staff member has to choose you to become a TRS.

Again. I have to say this because it seems everyone always misses the point.

The amount of sales you have has nothing at all to do with becoming a Top Rated Seller!

And again, I’ll say that this is why you see some TRS’s with next to no sales. You see some with a ‘Lot’ of negative reviews and not that many sales.

You also see gigs that have 1000s of sales without any negative reviews… and they are not Top Rated. It’s because sales have nothing to do with a TRS. This is right from the horses mouth, right from Fiverr.

Basically. It’s very misleading. Since, upon reading a “Top Rated Seller” I would assume they earned that badge by being… A Top Rated Seller. Makes sense right?

But that’s not the case at all. Completely opposite in fact. You are individually chosen to get the badge. No matter the amount of sales you have, or your rating.

It should be called “Fiverr’s Top Picks” or something a little less misleading.

Gotta edit this in: For sellers like me, that do SEO styled gigs. We/I will never become a Top Rated Seller. Even if I sell a million gigs and have zero negative reviews (Like I have LOL) … I will never get to be one because of the nature of my gigs.

In this respect, the TRS badge is very unfair. Because I sell gigs. Lots. I have a perfect record. After over 2.5 years, not one negative review… but I will never be a TRS. Even though, by nature, a TRS is a Top Rated Seller. But my top rating doesn’t matter.

Again, that’s why I think it’s a very misleading name.

And. By the way. The source of this info? After my first year of constantly E-Mailing and stating my case to Fiverr, one of the staff finally explained to me why I would never be one. And how it works. Like I said. Right out of the Horses mouth.

The unknown rating % is 95%. You can’t drop below that or your gig gets reviewed. Once you become a Top Rated Seller, cancellations no longer count against level loss. You can have as many cancellations as you wish really. The only thing that will cause you to lose your rating is negative feedback (confirmed by the Fiverr editors in an email to me)

I had about 500 orders before I got accepted. I sent a long letter to the editors to state my case as to why I should be one though :slight_smile:

@bigbadbilly Good post. I must admit, after reading your post I became depressed. Wow imagine working at a job and no matter how much money you make the company or how much great customer service you provide with great feedback, you will never be promoted. If I understood your post above that sounds like the case here at Fiverr. The way you explained it, it sounds like TRS is based on politics rather than hard work.

I became a TRS after a few months on the site. I was getting a lot of orders and had all positive reviews. I don’t remember the number completed at that time, but I remember being surprised by the upgrade. I wasn’t involved in the forum, I never asked to be a TRS or drew any staff attention to myself.

I was doing a lot of work for another TRS at the time and I think he put in a good word for me.

@steveeyes. Yup That’s pretty much the point I was trying to make. You got it spot on. Obviously, you need to do good work to get the badge. But, like I said, sales have nothing to do with it. And that’s why the name should (But won’t) be changed. But, if you stay out of the SEO type gigs, you just may get picked! I think a lot of it has to do with the bad stigma SEO related gigs have.

@jtengle. It’s because you offer some pretty cool gigs. I especially like the “Design your thing” gig. That’s unique enough itself to warrant a TRS badge. Fresh gigs and ideas will always top the TRS club. And so they should.

bigbadbilly said: In this respect, the TRS badge is very unfair. Because I sell gigs. Lots. I have a perfect record. After over 2.5 years, not one negative review... but I will never be a TRS. Even though, by nature, a TRS is a Top Rated Seller. But my top rating doesn't matter.

I am also pretty upset about this and like you, I constantly emailed Customer Support and all they tell me is that an editor is reviewing my gig and good luck. That alone makes me excited all to find out after weeks go by that the editors passed me up again without any warning from Customer Support. They tell me that they will instead, as a constellation, move my gig up so I get more sales. Big deal! I want to be a TRS and like other Level 2 sellers, deserve to be.
I mean, Fiverr even sent a photographer to my house to do a photo shoot on me for the new site. If you look at the programming section, that's me and my daughter up there on the top sitting on the red couch. I would think that alone would make me a TRS, but no luck!

Like yourself, my sales are high with very few negative feedback (I know you have none and that's great), but the editors and Customer Support just keep stringing me along until I complain.

Some TRS say that the editors play favorites and I believe that wholeheartedly, because I have higher sales than some TRS, it means nothing, but that is just unprofessional on Fiverr's part.

I think TRS should be like levels 1 and 2 (a certain number of sales, minimum positive feedback, etc).

Very disappointed with Customer Support and the editors. I no longer recommend Fiverr to any of my business friends and clients who could sell here for those reasons ( I used to recommend it).


Yeah, I’ve heard the things @bigbadbilly & @hotwebideas are saying. It is one of the vagaries of Fiverr that really makes me scratch my head. In so many ways, it’s really a pretty good place to be. It’s helped put some money in my pocket, which as a disabled single mother is never a bad thing. But then there are certain rules or ways of doing things that seem so arbitrary or illogical and they just drive me crazy!

I suppose I should really be putting this one in the Ranting forum~ ~X( Oh well. I’m done.

madmoo said:
  • Reply to @ryangillam: is that actually true (the bit about as many cancellations as you wish)? I always worry about ever single cancellation I get - not really concerned about it affecting my level due to the percentage of my total sales, but I always thought that a large amount WOULD result in a level review.

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  • Yep, I got in touch with the Fiverr editors and they confirmed it :) The only thing people have to worry about is late delivery cancellations IF you can't get the negative feedback removed.

    This was the message they sent me (well, it came from Jay, but he just repeated what the editors wrote in the ticket)

    "Hi there,

    Cancellation rate will not affect your TRS level. Negative feedback will affect your rating and too low a rating is an issue to be careful about. The editors do not remove a TRS for this reason.