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I have a question from top sellers


I am going on vacations as my gig is seems like on top page because I am getting good amount of orders each day. I will put my profile on vacation mod. I will be away for a week will that affect my gig’s rating or will my gig be on still top search ?


When you are on OOO, your gig disappears from the search. In my experience, it takes a day or two up to a week to get back to where it was. Some sellers have reported it taking longer though. :confused:


That’s not a good news then :frowning: It took me so long to get on this position can not afford to lose it. Do you have any tip or idea please ?


Bro do not turn on the vocation mode, you will regret it if you will do, your gig will lost the position and after turning off the vocation you will not get the enough amount of order as gig will get disappeared from search, you can increase the delivery days and try to get in touch with your account as well because you already know it is too much hard to get the top position so dont ruin it by turning on the vocation mode


Yea man good advice but what’s the point of holiday if you still going to be on your phone and replying to customers and worrying about work, YGM ?


Increase the price to abnormally high, either you will not get any client or if anyone comes then they must be worth of your time.

Bring the price to normal when you are back from vacations.


Brother say no to holiday if you want to build a strong profile like me, I am been in freelancing from last 3 years and have given my best so earned 5100+ reviews till now, I have manged a lot of trips with keeping my laptop with me, in other words you have to manage both things at the same time, I would not suggest to increase the prices, just increase the days, It will put a minor effect but putting your account on vocation can take your sales to dead-low level,


There is no way to tell what will happen to your gigs if you are away for a week. It’s best to not worry about it.

I have found that my gigs did not suffer much aside from a couple of days.


Are you seriously telling someone NOT to take a vacation because it will hurt their ratings, and that it will, “take [their] sales to dead-low level”? Seriously? If someone needs or wants to take a break and go on vacation, then they should do just that. If someone wants to put their gig into a temporary out-of-office mode, that’s what the feature is there for.

@masterblaster92 , put your gig into OOO mode, and enjoy your vacation. You deserve it.


Its just a suggestion Sir, everyone has their own opinion, I have my own :slight_smile: no offense


Thank you @misscrystal and @jonbaas You guys are right, I shouldn’t care about the gig’s placing I should enjoy the vacation as this year was really busy for me specially last 3-4 months. I do two jobs one is apprenticeship and second is freelance graphic designer so, I really deserve a break.

neoteric_gfx thank you for your suggestion but I don’t agree with your opinions I can’t work while on holiday because there is no point of holiday if you are going to spend time on working and looking at the phone/laptop so, I guess I will take misscrystal’s and jonbaas’s advice.


I just remembered another strategy you can do. :wink: If you are going to be gone for say a week, put your delivery time as two weeks. That way you can go on a week vacation and still work on your orders when you get back to your office. :slightly_smiling_face: I use this strategy when I am overbooked and need to catch up.

My gig does not lose its ranking. However, you will still need to check in once every 24 hours to check your messages. So if you want a real vacation and no contact with Fiverr, then put your profile in OOO and enjoy yourself.


Nice advice, But there is risk of making your cancellation ratio higher with that strategy as there are a lot of buyers on Fiverr who don’t read the full description before placing the order and once they place the order you tell them what they will get in this package they say oh sorry cancel the order I didn’t know that so, I guess OOO is the best option, Lets see how below my gig goes in one week. I have some regular buyers as well so, Hopefully I will get orders from them regularly.


The first week vacation I took off went like this and I lost 3 weeks of work.

I spent 1 week wrapping up revisions. I didn’t want customers to need revisions during my week vacation. My gig had a 3 day turnaround so I had to suspend my gig 1 week before my vacation started.

I took 1 week off.

I then spent 1 week getting the gig back up and going.

I lost 3 weeks of income to take 1 week off.

I now take longer vacations and I work an hour or 2 each day, A Lot less stressful for me.


I have a same problem…,
Sometimes Fiverr Order too overwhelming…, and need to take a break.
How about if we put the delivery order for a longer time? maybe for two weeks,
With this…, our gigs still active and people will unlikely make an order from us…
Our Gigs won’t hurt like this?

What do you think? :slight_smile:


I think @vickiespencer already suggested this a few posts up. :wink:


hey don’t do this. I’m new Seller but I have experience about this. I started the vacation mode once for 5 days. And when I turned back I noticed a lot of changes. Like I see my Gig’s 7 number page instead of the page 1. And it takes me 1 month to bring it back to its former In condition. So my suggestion can never be activated in Vacation Mode.


When I was a newer user and went on vacation mode it took a week or more to get my place back. Now that I have completed more orders. It only takes a day or two to be back to the first page.


That’s true. I also think this is a good idea. I have the same experience.


This is true! Good Advice!