I have a question.Help me with a reply


Is it illegal to ask your buyer that has let’s {5 orders on one of your gig ] to review them all ?
Is it scamming ?


Nope. I have them and its not illegal. Its called repeat buyer.


I know that .
But let’s say he ordered 5 times for a full song with mix and master.Is it alright to ask him to review all the orders ?


yeah if he has ordered five times and he wants, he should review them all. I guess a good review is what, every seller wants.


Yeah, but it’s only 1 product.
I mean…actually it’s not :))
I am just really concerned you know ? I came back on fiverr stronger then ever[I had my 2 years old account banned last december ] and how I have more then 75 sales.
I will soon be promoted as level 2 and I cannot even imagine going through all that again…


Nope its not. Dont worry. I have some repeat buyers who orders almost 4-5 orders at once. There is nothing bad in this.


but do they review all the orders ?or it’s just extra…


Yes if they order separately, they do review them all.


Oh :slight_smile: thank you so very much! Really appreciate it :slight_smile:


You’re welcome. If you still have doubt, you can check my profile and there are plenty of them. :slight_smile:


For sure I will :slight_smile: Thanks again


I leave one review for each transaction. I haven’t heard any problems from any of my repeat sellers.

I had a 45,000 word book that I have edited, 8,000 word at a time - left a review for each one.

I had a different proofreader do a 35,000 word novella, 5,000 word at a time. She worked full time and that was all she could take a time. Left a review for each.

I have several more examples. All still here, all still doing great! I can’t see how it’s considered cheating/scamming/illegal when each was a separate transaction.

Even if your buyer bought five separate gigs in one day - it’s still five separate transactions, therefore they have to accept it five times and the review page will automatically come up.


thank you very much!


No it’s NOT illegal to ask your buyer that has let’s {5 orders on one of your gig ] to review them all. So take it easy @hentumusic :slight_smile:


It’s not illegal but I wouldn’t ask a buyer to leave reviews. Some buyers leave reviews some don’t and that is OK.
You can always give them a quick reminder by writing a quick and polite follow up message but I wouldn’t suggest asking for reviews directly.


thank you angelwish!
It’s just you know …I want to get my account right.
No illegal things.Gotta learn from the past, haha .


If you’re a starting seller and I see five glowing reviews from one and the same person (and maybe one or two others), I would probably look next door.


We really appreciate your enthusiasm. I just had a quick look at your profile & I saw that you started in Dec 2016 but within 2 months, you acquired more than 54 orders. That’s wonderful, I mean you’ve done a great job! I also noticed that your gig also appearing in top of the search results. So you are safe & you are doing great. :+1:

However, like @annai80 said, some buyers tend to give reviews and others don’t. Even though, it’s not illegal to ask buyers to review every order, let’s give them the FREEDOM to review or not. You know why, if the client is nice (s)he will definitely give you a review, but in the other hand there are some buyers who might think it’s as a kind of an act which interfere the buyer’s freedom. So let’s not always ask for reviews directly from the buyers. When you meet new buyers & when you receive more orders, you will receive plenty of reviews even without asking. So cheer up!


No it’s not illegal. If he/she is ordering more than one orders. Ask them to Review it according to the quality of work you delivered. But never ask for a 5 stars review.!


Okay:) Thank you very much angel.Bless you!