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I have a question to all experience fiverr member

Everyone says that if I pass this English test in Fiverr, my gig will be boosted by 40%. Is that true?


No it’s not true. Where did you hear this?

Stop following those wannabe gurus and silly Facebook Groups.

Why would you get orders just because you got a certain grade on a test? Would you buy a product from someone just because they got a certain grade?

And since when is 40% a good grade? It’s very poor. No one should be communicating with customers in English if their English is that poor.

Think critically. This makes zero sense.


I am curious as to who “Everyone” who says that is?

I’m pretty sure “experienced Fiverr members” don’t say such a thing.


Firstly its wont boost your sales. @humanissocial explained the reason.

And @enunciator the question didnt mentioned that a "experienced seller said this’’ nor did the title. I guess she mentioned the word experience in her title to refer to veterans. :slight_smile:


The OP stated that “everyone” says completing the English exam will result in a magical, arbitrary 40% gig boost. “Eveyone” would also include “experienced Fiverr members” whom the OP was directing the question to. :wink:


Maybe you’re confusing it with adding videos - that’s where 40% increase is mentioned.

eg. Fiverr says

Videos can increase user engagement by 40%

No one is talking about a 40% score on a test, but he’s asking if it will boost his gig by 40% (eg. in search rank or rank in the category pages I assume), and 40% would be a good boost if it did. Thnough I’m sure it doesn’t.

Passing a test might help the gig a bit though if it’s a good score. And for some categories/subcategories it’s necessary to pass a test. Though we’ve got no data either way whether it helps or by how much where it’s not mandatory to pass a test for a subcategory.


Thanks for your nice suggestion.

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That’s the most hilarious thing I’ve ever heard in this Forum. Where on earth did you here that from? First of all, it’s not possible to publish a gig on Fiverr without completing the English Skill Test. Which means, each and every seller on Fiverr has done the test.

But still, their sales have not been boosted by 40%. Sometimes is good to rethink about an advice you are given or anything you watch or read on blog posts.


I honestly don’t remember being mandated to take any skill test before I started selling on Fiverr.

Is this something that is only required for non-United States based sellers?


Yes you can give fiverr Skill Test.

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I didn’t have to take a skill test before selling on my fiverr. But there are some people in our country who take money for skill test.

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Must depend on the country because I’m Canadian and didn’t have to take a English test either.

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No… not at all…


I don’t think so , I passed the test and didn’t see any improvement on my gigs lol


I think it’s a myth, I often heard about it but the info isn’t 100% sure.

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Its a Myth.
But you have to take a test once it’s obvious…


I’m with @humanissocial on this one.

STOP following what the “experts” are saying on YouTube and Facebook.

I’ve been freelancing here on Fiverr for 4 years. I’ve been a freelancer for going on 7 years. I get work from several different sources. That is how I managed to become a full-time freelancer.

I think you need to spend 40% less time on Fiverr and more time on seeking other sources to help you earn $$$.


I’d say it’s required for certain categories (so, for example, someone who can’t pass the basic English test can’t offer writing gigs, or proofreading).

I did a bunch of tests for fun, not because I had to, and I’m not based in the USA.


I tried to go look at your profile to see which tests you took “for fun.” It looks like they aren’t showing up there. image

Then, I looked at my own profile. I know I had to complete tests for some of my gigs, but the results are missing from my profile. Based on this, I don’t think completing a test would help at all, unless it is needed to publish a new gig.


I think it’s just (or normally) the Fiverr English Test that doesn’t show the test name but does show the test score (on mine that’s the only one missing the name but showing the score). The other tests that I’ve selected to show currently show as far as I know (though there used to be problems with that, and they’ve removed a lot of tests they use to show/allow to be taken).