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I have a question to you guys

Hello Community,
actually, I have a question to you guys,
if I logged in Fiverr with my sister’s account then it will create any problem for both accounts?
She is a newbie, she asked me to add some gigs on her accounts so that I need to enter her account with my computer. please help me guys with your valuable information.
Thank you


that means changing the networks will fever me to do it? @emmyk10

i haired that if i logged in two different accounts with same computer then it’s a problem for the both accounts. many peoples even lost their accounts for this @emmyk10

Okay. Don’t try it on my account.

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okay i’ll try your tips

Why not use her device for the process? It’s best not to put your account at risk. I have withdrawn my initial posts so I don’t misdirect anyone.

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She is far away from me right now @emmyk10