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I have a question with my Gig. Help me!


I’m a web developer and I work with Wix, but I have a question and I’d like to know how you do.

My question is as follows: In order to develop and design web pages, it is necessary to pay to have access to different functionalities (for example, the E-commerce store), which the client must cover, then, if Fiverr does not deliver the money until the designer has delivered the work, how can I pay the additional functionalities? (I do not have the possibility to pay with my money since I live in a country with an economic crisis and I do not have money to make this type of purchases).

I’m not against the way the orders work in Fiverr, on the contrary, I love it that way, I just ask how you do to cover those expenses.


Doing anything on Fiverr that costs you money up front is risky. First, you have really no choice but to spend your own funds just to deliver the order. I used to perform a service that required a paid database and I had to pay a monthly fee for the service plus individual fees for special searches. When something goes wrong, you don’t get those funds back.

In my own case it wasn’t worth it overall and I eventually ended that gig. I’m not saying someone else should make that decision. You just have to have the funds to manage the risk and be able to get enough higher-priced orders to make it worth it and cover some losses.


Thank you very much for your contribution! I’ll take it into account, it’s very true what you say.

I have already researched and reviewed some similar Gigs and in the description they put all the additional costs, but really do not know how to cover those costs and so I asked this question, I will have to keep waiting for some developer to tell me their experience.


Yes, it would be interesting to hear how other developers handle it. My best guess would be that you’d want to do things in steps to keep it affordable, because you can’t take funds from a buyer in any way except the standard gig payment. If you couldn’t risk bigger amounts, there are limits.

You could take an order just to buy the domain (for example) and pay for it yourself, include some starter work in that order. You’d get the first payment in a couple of weeks and then you could proceed if things went okay.

The other alternative would be to have buyers do purchasing themselves as much as possible. You could walk them through how to buy hosting and domain themselves and then they could give you access. You could charge them for the work you do but have them log in on their own to purchase what is needed. If you build a reputation you can charge them consultation fees for walking them through the steps, but you might have to start out doing that part cheap.


You could create gig extras for the different costs, eg. an extra if the user wants a particular function that would cost extra. You could also use custom offers for non-standard things. Though that would still be a risk if an order was cancelled or there was a chargeback if you had paid.


As for the domain and hosting I will teach them to buy them by themselves, and after they have made the purchase will have their site operational and ready to use because the domain and hosting will be the last thing you ask them.

But I had not thought of doing the same with the purchases of additional features or plugins, I tell customers how they can buy it, so I will have access and work with the paid functionality. As for the cost to teach them, I do not care, in my Gig everything that has to do with teaching and helping I’m giving it for free.

Really thank you very much for all your help @fonthaunt, now I know how I can do!


That’s the problem, I’ll have my money 2 weeks later (and that if nothing goes wrong), as @fonthaunt said, if that doesn’t happen, I’ll lose out.