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I have a question .-

Hello there, it may sound as a silly question, yet I’m new here so needed to ask x3 lately I noticed that some sellers post requests in the buyers section ((like hey I draw this and if you need an artist msg me)) and I was wondering if this is okay with Fiverr’s policy or not… thanks in advance!


It’s absolutely against ToS:

Misuse of the Buyer Request feature, such as advertising your services as a seller, may lead to your account being disabled.


That is NOT what she asked.
She asked if sellers can ADVERTISE their services under buyers requests. The answer is NO.



Ah thanks for the info -


There is no mentioned in Fiverr that sellers can’t buy services as a buyer from other sellers and post a request as a buyer, but if you misuse this feature as a seller to advertise your gig then it creates a problem that cost permanent account BAN. :pray:


There are already some “Report Buyer Request” topics available on forum.

Even a poll

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@ineslin, ignore them and move on. The offers they appear to have are from other sellers—you know the kind that do not read the buyer request and merely post a quick reply in homes of getting a job. So, the seller that posted the buyer request and the sellers that did not read the request are all offering to work for each other! :rofl:

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