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I have a question?!

what kind services are most ordered from buyers?


Do your own research.

Please start by using the search bar above. Your question has been asked a lot - and answered many times.

Maximum time what you need to start a company or business? Or what kinds of fancy do people have? You have to research on it that what people actually need more. But whatever you sell, no matter your service should be SEO friendly and have to have the best quality to get more order.

Logo design is the most ordered I think - that’s what Fiverr said. Fiverr said SEO was the second most popular when they showed a slide anim last year (though it might not be all time). Voice over is also ordered a lot. edit: I’d also look into Book Design - that seems to get reviews but not too much competition.

Though being ordered a lot doesn’t necessarily mean they’re the best services/subcategories to go with. It depends on your skills, profits per hour, competition etc.

I think web design is most ordered by buyers.

You mean in the “Web & Mobile Design” subcaegory? I doubt it as there are only 844 services in that subcategory compared to around 8,500 services in Logo Design.

Or if you mean in the “Programming & Tech->Wordress” subcategory - that will have a lot of orders but way less than Logo Design I think.