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I have a question

My first customer wants me to find businesses that need help with copy and pate data entry.In order to satisfy him I would have to contact random companies and ask if they need any copy and paste data entry services,Would that be considered soliciting?

Send links to freelance sites that have categories like this. Better yet, just cancel. You’ll get a shit review when you don’t reveal any leads, most likely (and let’s face it, the freelance sites are a snakepit, while you have no personal connections to get that customer a job).

I am assuming this is for your research gig–you could also do exactly what you say you will then dispute this to kingdom come and hope there’s no protracted argument about your “awful” (it didn’t get me a job") work.

I’d cancel.

It would be spamming them. You would not get him any jobs that way. Cancel it. It’s not doable.