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I have a rather unique issue

I have a rather unique issue.

I have a gig for business planning. The URL is

The gig was appearing in the second page of the search results when I searched using the PC and the mobile phone (app) using the keyword “business plan”. The ranking was consistent.

However, when I searched today using my PC the gig is nowhere to be seen. But it appears in the same position when I search using the mobile app.

Has anyone else faced this issue ?.

How can I resolve this ?

I see it (PC) on the second page, second row.

Nothing to resolve! :slightly_smiling_face:

It may rotate its position if you edit it or promote it.

All the best.

Hey thanks. That’s where it should be. its not showing in my search which is the issue. Take a look at the screenshot. This is how the second page appears to me. The problem is I cant see it on any page.

Via the mobile app however I can see it.

I tried restarting my PC and also reset my router which is not the issue.

Logo out of Fiverr and try it again - it’s been noted that we don’t see our gigs in searches as other users see them. :sunny:

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Yes. This seems to be the issue. Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

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