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I have a regular buyer I HATE working with

So I have a buyer who purchases product descriptions for me all the time, and although she’s very nice, I can’t stand working with her for these reasons:

  1. I don’t like her products. Plus, many of them are nearly identical, and I have difficulty finding new ways to say the same thing.

I know my personal opinion shouldn’t matter and I do manage to push it aside to give her something she’s happy with. But still.

  1. She doesn’t give me enough info on these products and flat out refused to give me certain product details, so I kind of have to make things up.

  2. She communicates poorly. Instead of reaching out to add to an existing order, she places new ones and, she will make requests that are outside of the scope of my listing without checking if it’s something I am able to do.

I have two huge orders to complete with her, and after that, I’d like to stop working with her. Is there a respectful way I can approach this? I don’t want to block her, but I find working on her products irritating.


Honestly, I think blocking is your best bet. Confronting her after the fact and stating that you would no longer like to do business could risk her trying to retaliate (as low and unprofessional as it is), and there is nothing stopping her from placing an order in the future besides blocking.

If you don’t want to work with her, don’t force yourself through that! A headache like this really isn’t worth the time, effort, nor the money, especially when you could use that time to work with much more professional customers instead.


Ehhh, that’s not so nice. At least you’re getting paid.
I’d politely give her an ultimatum, as in very calmly stating that you have other clients lined up - true - for your services who are making your day worthwhile, and that if she wants to keep working with you, she should be a little more organised or gentle.
The alternative would be to verbally cut her off, cold turkey (worst one because you won’t know how she will react and you’ll have completely burned the bridge).

I also think this is actually a good way to end your relationship with her. Wait a few days after your last orders and then quietly do it; she’ll be confused at most, or won’t care at all.

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If a client is causing more stress than the pay is, either raise the rates that make the stress worth it or block them. This client sounds lie a pain, finish the orders and block them after you get your 5 stars.


I wrote a similar post about a month ago! Our stories are similar.

In my case the client was polite (although a bit passive aggressive), they placed several orders over a few weeks, and they always left five star feedback.

But they also constantly chased orders by asking how I was “getting on” (even though they’d bought a gig with a three day turnaround), they always maxed out the order (I’m a proofreader and charge for every 1000 words), and their work was quite time consuming as their level of English was low.

On one occasion when the buyer had chased me for delivery, I did point out that he had bought a three day gig and that it was only the start of day two, but the messages continued from him.

In the end I just got fed up and blocked him. I’ve completed hundreds of orders on Fiverr, and I’ve only ever blocked two buyers - he was the second.

My advice to you would be to do the same. She’s a bad buyer. You don’t need to offer any explanation.


Wow only 2 buyers that is impressive. You must have a great deal of patience. I don’t hesitate to bloc buyers, If I see a red flag I block. A buyer can place an order on your gig without speaking to you, this can destroy your rating if the buyer turns out to be a pain, cs is not really any viable support, blocking is the only way to do what you to protect your rating.

You can try politely telling her that you’re sorry, but you don’t feel that you’re the best match for her needs. Briefly explain why, but try wording it in a way that doesn’t look like blaming her (you feel uncomfortable about that type of product and you fear it will show in your writing and reduce her sales, you feel like you’re annoying her with additional questions but don’t feel confident enough to write descriptions without the information you’re asking for, you feel that your listing doesn’t really cover what she’s really looking for… That sort of thing). And then tell her that you’re certain that she’d be much happier with another seller, someone who doesn’t need to ask all those questions and who can easily provide her with everything she needs.

That’s very respectful. I did something like that in the past, and the buyer never messaged me again. Of course, I can’t guarantee that she’ll respond in the same way.

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