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I have a serious question PLEASE

As a seller, when a buyer order the gig from the seller. And then the seller complete his work and deliver it. What if the buyer take the work (copy it or steal it) for himself and then dispute the gig? How does Fiverr protect us as a seller from such a situation? I am having a situation here; I deliver the work. And then the buyer dispute it and said that; I don’t speak English and my writings DID NOT make a sense.

Thank you in advance.


It doesn’t. There is no 100% effective solution to this. This is something that I had accepted long ago. It’s just a risk you’ll have to take.


You may contact Fiverr’s staff and provide your complain with chat or replies. I think that might works

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Ok, thank you. I have a better vision now, thanks to you.

Well, he’s right about that. Your english is way too bad to be offering any writing services.


I will keep that in mind, Thank you Sir.

Really! :anguished: Then I guess I should start doing much efforts. Thanks for your honest,

No, you shouldn’t do “much efforts”. You should be aware of your skills, and not offer things you aren’t able to do. You must know your english is bad, so don’t offer any gigs in that field.


I have also faced such problems. There is no right solution for sellers. I think it’s better to cancel from a bad review. Canceling will cause you temporary loss but a bad review will always be on your profile.


I am doing much efforts to improve myself, not becasue of the five dollars, it is becasue I love doing it. And yeah I will not do something I don’t understand. Thank a lot

Then improve first (and you will need to improve dramatically, btw) and only then start selling on Fiverr. Right now you are selling writing services. You have 4 5 star reviews from american clients. How? Because you clearly can’t write. It doesn’t make sense.


Yes, That is what I was thinking of. Bad reviews are bad review. I will just do my best to improve myself, and I will not regret doing somthing Iike.

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Be patient, improve your skill, wish you will succeed one day


You are totally RIGHT! You gave me valuable advice.

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Thanks. I will. You too.


I don’t think they are trying to “steal” your work.
I barely could understand what you wrote in your post here and I’m not sure how could you even thought of offering writing services when your English is bellow intermediate level.


No that’s not my real work, I revise as well my wok before I submit it. However, you are right!

It’s important to revise your wok. Sometimes I opt instead for a skillet.


Indeed, it is so important.