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I have a small issue ;-;

I’m new on fiverr and freelancing in general, and whenever I get an order that needs lots of work, I get shy to ask the buyer for a higher price and I end up doing a work that needs days with a very cheap price that I don’t want .. like should I put a higher price on my Gigs or just let it be? because I’d never ask and debate with people for a price I don’t know why ..


Of course If you think work shouldn’t be cheap cause your efforts matters!
So you have the power to have a good price point that satisfies you:)

cause buyer will be interested for the gig price and compare the whole thing to others!
than it depends to your communication…
that’s why they say Communication is the pillar of success:)

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You’re going to get used a quit a bit as a freelancer if you can’t stand your ground with your pricing, if you’re starting out on this platform I can understand undercharging to try sell more to get reviews, but I find that mentally draining.

Personally, I wasn’t very confident with my work and that was noticeable with the way I interacted with potential buyers, but once I realized the value I could provide, I stopped worrying and started charging what I was worth, I’m not quite there yet as I’m still trying to establish a good brand, but it’s definitely a lot more rewarding than what it was 2 months ago for me.

It obviously varies depending on what you do, but clearly you thought you were good enough to come onto this site and charge for your talents, so stick to that confidence and whoever can see that value will pay what it’s worth, and if someone isn’t willing to pay for the work they probably aren’t worth working with.

Lastly, if you’re still struggling with justifying your own price, what helped me was explaining my whole creative process to myself, from how it’s done to why it’s done, from how long it takes to the equipment used.

Good luck!


Thank you so much :slight_smile: