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I have a UNIQUE gig guys tell me what you think! I will show you how you can be FROZEN after you die


It has a VIDEO introduction but fiverr hasn’t processed it yet! so watch the video when its posted!

Do you want to possibly see the far future maybe thousands of years from now? Are you terminally ill and thinking of what you might want to do with yourself or maybe you want a 50/50 last chance at a possible full life?

Cryonics is the low-temperature preservation of humans.Those who cannot been saved by current contemporary medicine, with the hope of resuscitation in the possible future. The technology for cyroproservation exists today, its not sci-fi. Cryopreservation of people is NOT YET reversible with current technology BUT is proposed that someday by using highly advanced technology it will be!

You have to be declared clinical DEAD before being frozen. This is an ALTERNATIVE to burial or cremation ONLY!


List of legitmate cryonics organizations governed by professional doctors in this REAL medical field

Examples of people who have already been frozen because they died of old age or because they were terminally ill. (These people were okay with sharing their stories)

I will share my personal experience as a person who is going to be frozen after I die

I will show you ways to pay for your cryopreservation and opt-out of burial and cremation

So tell me what you guys think? Feel free to say I’m crazy but you would be calling all the medical doctors in the field crazy too!

I’m going to be frozen when I die! I have everything setup already and there will even be a team of medical professional standing by if I am in a hospice or right after I’m declared dead! Crazy huh but it gives me a chance to maybe see amazing things in our future… far far future…

tell me what you think!!!

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