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I have a very important question about paypal

I am new user in fiverr. I have done a mistake. Which was payoneer master card. The master card was not mine. The master card owner always cheats me. I could not changed my card. I try to my level best but I could not find any option. I have apply for master card very soon I will got it. How can I will add my payoner master card in fiverr ? Please help me .

Now I have a way to withdraw money in paypal but I have not yet a paypal account because my country doesn’t support paypal very soon paypal will come in our country. But this time I need money. I have friend who have paypal account .

But this time I have a question ???

In future canI changed my card ??? Please answer my question

Please help me

I have no idea how to help you. I can’t imagine why you would connect your earnings to another person’s card. In the meantime, all I can think of is trying Payoneer representatives such as Nissim
and/or Customer Support on Fiverr.

thank you

Reply to @fonthaunt: every time he cheats me . How can I recover it