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I have a video on my gig but showing gig image, why?

I put video on my gig but I am still seeing the image as thumbnail on my gig on laptop as well as on mobile. However, when I search the gig with keyword, gig is appearing with video thumbnail. Why I am not seeing the gig with video thumbnail on my profile?

Here you can see My Targeted Email List Gig appearing as Image Thumbnail. It should be appeared as Video Thumbnail.

Please view your gig pc mode ):

Your gig video will be active 24 hours later. Then It will show on our gig preview

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If You add a New video then wait few hours it will be published

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It already published and I can see it in buyer / public view mode but in selling mode, it is still in image

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Here is how you can do it.

FireShot Capture 069 - Fiverr _ sameed_webdev _ Edit Gig -