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I have about 17 Graphic Related Gigs But NO ORDERS and NO FIVERR IMPRESSIONS For Graphic Gigs....:-(

have any solutions for this Problem…

I Have about 17 Graphic Related gigs But I don’t have any Orders and Fiverr Impressions for any gig… :frowning:

Have any solutions for it please let me know as Comment… :((


First you need to push yourself and share on your social network profiles and do check out facebook groups.

That will kickstart with first Sale :slight_smile:

That’s who we got starting sales…

Hope that helps you

All the best

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It may help if you update your profile bio. Here’s my suggestion:

Hello Buyers! I am a Senior Entrepreneur with a small company in the USA. I have two years of experience in Translation and Design services and my main goal is 100% Customer Satisfaction. I would be so happy to work for you. Thank you!

Or something to that equivalent.

@get15banners - Thanks for your advice mate…I will do it…thanks alot…:-))

@kissreviews - Yes I will update it…Thank you too…:-))

You’re most welcome. Good luck!!

My tip, remove the pumpkin picture use a picture of YOU, people buy from people

Market yourself, be consistent, be good at what you do…

My tip, I’d suspend a bunch of your gigs. There is too much overlap.

You could be selling some of those unproductive Gig services as “Gig Extras” on your other more productive Gigs and creating more value for your Buyers and earning you more $$.

I entered “a collage of POLAROIDS” which is part of the title of one of your gigs into search. A unique term it seems. It did not show up in the search results. When Fiverr says your gigs may not show up in search results, I guess they really mean it.

157 sales in 10 months with only 4 negatives and yet no badge. Strange isn’t it?.

Reply to @ozzieuk: Thanks For your Advice…:slight_smile:

Reply to @voiceoverwork: I did that…Suspend equivalent gigs…:slight_smile: Thanks…

Reply to @ricksper: Thanks For your Help…:-))

Reply to @ricksper: I Earned Level 2 badge 2 times…But Im level dropped in those 2 times…I don’t know what is the reason :((