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I have added a video to two of my gigs and the two with videos are nowhere to be found in search!


Hello, I have recently added ,actually 3 videos to 3 of my gigs. I have not gotten one order generated from those gigs.

I have tried to search for them and I can’t find them. This is really disappointing since fiverr states that a video should boost my sales. All of the orders I am getting are from gigs that I have with no videos. Either way sales are great. However, my sales have recently slowed a bit which is why I added videos. But how can it boost my sales when their not coming up in searches?

Does anybody have any suggestions?

Sheriff’s Note: This is not a general tip for sellers or a request for general tips. Thread moved to Fiverr Stories.


Same here. I am thinking seriously to remove the video.


When you add video, the gig goes thru a review process on the video. It should pop back up shortly in the search results.


Same thing happened to me – Then within a few hours my Gig popped back up and I’ve climbed to the first page for my target keywords. Video helped 110% in my opinion so I’d be patient and let the review process go through.


When you added your video? As per i know the support team generally take little bit more to review so don’t worry i hope you will find your video soon… :slight_smile:


It’s not because you’ve added videos that your Gigs have been removed from the search, it’s because you have multiple Gigs offering the exact same service. I count 7 Gigs that offer to proofread 1,000 words in 24 hours. This is against Fiverr’s TOS. Delete your copies and add your videos to the originals. This will, hopefully, put you back in the search results.


I know that. I stated also similar gigs.
That was two separate questions I asked. Same pictures and similar gigs. Thanks for all your help by the way.


Reply to @designbybliss: hey the thing is i think the processing has already been done because it has been a week and three weeks for the other one.
Does it take that long?
I can see the videos but the gigs aren’t coming up on searches. Only the ones with videos attached.


Reply to @krissyandej: Did your gigs rank higher prior to your videos being added? If so, you COULD ask Fiverr to take a look into it… However, it’s their algorithm that determines when your gig pops up on the search so it could be you’re just not ranking as highly for your keyword.


Reply to @designbybliss: Yes, my gig definitely ranked higher before the videos were added. That’s why I’m so confused about this. I’ll try playing with my keywords too though. Thank you for all of your advice.:slight_smile:


Reply to @maddisont: I will do so and thanks for the advice. :slight_smile: But what I don’t understand about that is, before I added the videos my gigs were like that.
Thanks for the stellar advice. :wink:


Reply to @krissyandej: I believe that Fiverr doesn’t have an automatic detector for thinks like gig duplicates. But when you upload a video, as they have to review it, they also, while they’re at it, review your profile in general and take action if something is not as it should.


Reply to @krissyandej: As I believe videos are manually screened by Fiverr staff, that’s most likely what alerted them to your Gigs. I would take care of it as soon as possible, if Fiverr staff delete your duplicate Gigs, they may also delete your account if they feel it’s necessary.


Reply to @maddisont: I just spoke to support also about another issue I had about clarifying the criteria to level up to a level 2 because I am 90% of the way there. I said I was getting mixed information saying I cant have similar gigs,(which is what we are discussing), the Pics had to be the same, some say different, and I cant use stock images. this is what I was told.

Justin Today at 11:51

If you’d like, I can briefly review that forum thread to clarify further, however I do not believe the information you were provided on that thread was correct.

Pretty much, you would just need to follow the guidelines set on our Levels page to be ranked up, so things like your Gig choice or pictures chosen would not have any major affect (unless they were removed for violations).

I have slightly adjusted my gigs, taking your advice into consideration. But from what I understand from Justin, things like shouldn’t have any real effect.
However, I have like I said, adjusted them.


Reply to @krissyandej: Well, my advice had nothing to do with the pictures related to your Gigs, but the Gigs themselves. It’s stated clearly in the TOS that intentional copies of Gigs are not allowed.


Reply to @maddisont: Is it possible that intentional copies of gigs means that you are not allowed to intentionally copy another users gigs?