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I have added video in my Gig but it is not showing in gigs listing page

Hello guys,

I have created one gig of data entry 1 week ago. After seeing low impression / conversion rate, I decided to create video for my gig. When I added my video, I got message that It will be reviewed and will be approved under 24 hours. So now I can see my video on gig details page but the real issue that I am facing is that the this video is not showing as default item in gig listings. Even if search my gig, it is still showing the gig image (the one which I used to create gig) not the video preview image. Can anyone help me I can fix video and video preview image in gig listing.

This is my profile page

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Had the same problem, and resolved it by contacting CS! I still don’t know what caused my video to be “stuck” for a week or so.

Hello @optinmagnets, can you please share the link with me so I can also put my query over there?

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Just open a new ticket:

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Yes got it. Thank you for your help :slightly_smiling_face:

No prob :slight_smile: Good luck!

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