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I have an active gig but i can´t i see it online


i have an active gig but i can´t see it online

can any body tell me why ?


I can see it - it’s live.

You might not find it if you search for ‘scraping’ though - check your spelling. :wink:


i don´t understand what do you mean ?


Here’s your gig title:
I Will Do Fb Scarping For Local B2b Leads For Any Niche You Want

Should be scraping?



or what should i write ?


Depends if you offer FB scarping or scraping I suppose! :slightly_smiling_face:


i offer FB scarping only


That’s not how you spell it - it’s scraping.

If anyone searches for ‘scraping’ they won’t find your gig because you’ve spelt it wrongly - ‘scarping’.


ok i got now.

but why i change the title, after saved, the title doesn´t change ??


The title has changed, but the URL will stay the same. Good luck! :sunny:


think you very much and have a nice evening


You’re very welcome, and you have a good one too! :slightly_smiling_face:


Now you can “escarp” and have a lovely evening! :slightly_smiling_face: