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I have an art block when doing an order

Now I am working on an order. But i have an art block now. The order from the client was only to redraw the image she had sent using digital watercolor techniques. Several times the buyer asked “how is it going?” That’s natural because she gave me quite a long time to do it, then I sent a screenshot of what I was doing, she said that there was a part that was not good enough, I knew it needed to be fixed again so I replied that it really needed to be fixed but I was chasing target to do line art etc. on other objects for improvement I do it later before I send the order (the process of working from line art - shape to clipping mask - coloring - highlight and shadow - correction), I also said that I hope I can finish it before the deadline (because at that time I already had an art block). My client said she would add to the cost if it was necessary he was also willing to postpone the deadline. I turned down the surcharge offer and asked for an extension of the deadline time, she agreed.
And now the ordering time is less than 24 hours, my idea is stuck and I’m really confused just by looking at the preferred image. What should I do? Requesting another time extension or canceling the order? What do you think? I really need advice


Working with deadlines can be difficult for creativity, but sometimes you have to settle for less than what you want to provide. If you need a sounding board, to help you work through the block, you have two options considering the time constraints and confidentiality needed for the contract. 1) Try to explain it as though to the buyer. You don’t need to send it, but sometimes writing down the problem helps define it, which can help when you need to work through it. 2) Work on another aspect of the piece. If you’re stuck with linework, make a new layer and play with color. If you’re stuck on a hand, move spots and work on the hair.

There’s nothing wrong with requesting another time extension, but be sure you keep your buyer informed. If you’re considering cancellation, then the worst they can say to another time extension is ‘no’. Let them make the choice.


Artblock happen to every one so there is not issue, you can show the work image to the client as ask here feedback and told he that I am getting art block, may be she can suggest any idea or change which can spark creativity and as per you message, client is cooperating so may be asking for a deadline extension is better choice then canceling as that will have more impact on your fiverr profile .

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Thank you for your advice. Explain to the buyer is the best way. My client is friendly people, when i explain her about it she gave me support

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