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I have an idea and I have to "kill" one GIG to replace it - advise me


So before this “GIG analytics missing” situation one of my GIG was performing really low, and I only got one order and review on that is impressive, and it is from all my GIGs the easiest to produce, like, in a couple of minutes and requires almost none of my creativity (except for mind games), so it is my least favorite one

Recently there was a buyer’s request to draw a horrible drawing, and I decided to reply, and in my reply I offered, as a right-handed artist, I would draw it with the left hand. You can’t get “worst” than that.

So, I am still waiting for his reply, but just for the fun of it, I gave it a go, and oh, boy, I knew I was bad, but this bad ?!? I can’t even get perspective of movement. I draw this on PC (painter, I just wanted to test things), and, well, look at it.

I love the challenge, and it was fun, so here I am asking for your advice should I “kill” my custom puzzle word search GIG and replace it with:

I will draw something with my left hand, pencil or vector art


My name is Marina, and I am professional with over 14 years of experience, but this experience is exclusively connected to me using my RIGHT HAND.

After all this time my left-hand feels left out and demands that she is given some stage room to shine so in this GIG I am offering that I will draw completely from start to end something with my left hand, on paper, with pencil or coloring pencil, brush, watercolor, or in Paintnet, Illustrator, Photoshop, Affinity Designer or Inkscape; you select all conditions.

It can be whatever random, custom concept, or custom as per your image.


My left hand is not only under-qualified for this task but also petrified and scared from negative publicity, so no matter how bad you think the results are going to be, trust me, they are going to be ×10 times worst.




My left hand will draw something for you with black/colored pencil on A4 paper, and you will get HD quality PNG image of it

EXTRA: vectorization* for 10$ PLUS

*I will trace my image into a vector and send you PNG file of vectorized version

EXTRA: use of watercolor or similar art tools for 5$ PLUS



My left hand will draw something for you in any bitmap program, and you will get HD quality PNG image of it

EXTRA: vectorization* for 10$ PLUS

*I will trace my image into a vector and send you PNG file of vectorized version

EXTRA: coloring and shading for 10$ PLUS



My left hand will draw something for you in any vector program, and you will get HD quality PNG image of it

EXTRA: source file PDF, SVG, AI for 10$ PLUS

EXTRA: special coloring and shading for 10$ PLUS

All packages extra offer: an HD video recording of me doing it (your order) 20$ plus, possible custom editing, and copyright-free BG music and effects

PLEASE give me advice should I do this or not.


NOTE: All extra vectorization included in the price is done with right hand. There are no options at this time for left-hand tracing and vectorization. Thank you for understanding.


HI, do your mean you want to offer this gigs as " Buyers can choose you draw by your left hand ,even if you paint badly, they have to accept … "

But I think then they can draw by themselves if it’s not a good paintings , right ? I mean, that’s not a lot of demand, if you offer something like that way . I think they will only interesting on if you can do a good draw with your left hand , if you can’t , why should they order it ? Sorry for my poor english , Not sure if you understand well … :sweat_smile:


I understand you but you seem like you do not understand me at all. Search for “stickman” in buyers mode and ignore the first three rows, and voila… you come to the dark side of “art”.
I am not offering bad drawing, I am offering my left hand drawing.
If Picasso offered someone a drawing but sets condition that he will do it with left hand, does that make his artwork bad?
I am not Picasso, but my left hand thinks she is.


Ok, I may misunderstand something. :sweat_smile:

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my opinion, your left handed drawing is more understandable than right handed for children.
i think this one is also a good option for kids who learning drawing or understanding objects.


Exactly! If you need art done by a professional but so it doesn’t look it has been made from professional, but still professional, this is a golden opportunity.

Companies looking for unique quirky drawings, and etc.

PLUS, extra bonus. If you for some reason do not like me you can order here, then say " I ordered logo and branding from Marina, and this is what I got".


So you can give it a try and wish you good luck :smile:

I wouldn’t delete the word search puzzle gig. If you can pause it and create a gig you could do that. Though it might not let you though ideally you could do that. If you delete it and later recreate it you’ll lose the review that shows for it, even though the review will still show on your profile.

If you did decide to remove the word search puzzle you could make sure you have a copy of all the text/images/video that you’d need if you ever decided to recreate it.

For the left hand drawing - it might work well but someone could intentionally draw a worse drawing than they usually do even with their normally used hand. It could just as easily work as a “I will draw a basic illustration in this style” sort of gig and you might be able to draw it more quickly with your right hand.

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First: I have seven GIGs so a new one has to kill one of the olds. I thought that was crystal clear from the title of the topic.
Second: I am not a fraud. If I say I will draw with my left, I will draw with my left. There is absolutely no way in this or any universe that I could draw like my left hand with my right hand. So I would never belittle the buyer’s trust by drawing “fast low-quality artwork” with my right hand and pass it out as my left-hand drawing. Just the notion of that is sickening to me.

I wasn’t saying you’d deceive the buyer. I just meant that creating a gig where you draw in that style but having the gig be something like “I will draw an illustration in this style (or “this basic style”)” might work just as well (ie. you might get just as many buyers by creating a gig called “I will draw an illustration in this style” (where you show that style in the gig image) as you would by creating gig called “I will draw with my left hand”. And it might be quicker for you to create an image with that style using your right hand - if the gig was called “I will draw an image with this style” and no mention of left hand drawing was used.

You could try either one. You could try creating a gig that says you draw with your left hand and see what sales are like and if you wanted you could then try creating an illustration gig where either hand could be used.

Thank you.

I do not want to draw an image in any style. And I already have a gig that covers “my normal artwork”.

I want to draw with my left hand.

But I am waiting for professional @visualstudios opinion.
Thanks for the input.

If you just want to make it as a joke, why not lol. I find it pretty funny. As a money maker, it won’t work. But clearly you don’t care a lot about that - so why do you care about optimising your gigs? If the idea is just to have fun and troll a bit, just do whatever you want lol.

Just pause one (you can have more than the max number of active gigs if they are not active, I think) and do it.

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Okay no problem. Though really I think the word search puzzle gig might be one that could be kept if possible. It’s had a least one sale and a good review. Maybe saying how it could be used for word puzzle books or something could help (eg. saying what prices would be for larger number of word search puzzles).

Even when you are not trying, you are coming through as outstanding info provider. I had no idea about that pausing thing. I will check in deeper about it. THANK YOU!!

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I already suggested that on my first post.

Though I’m not sure that works properly when your an unleveled seller, ie. I think it counts more than just the active ones (I know it counts the draft ones too). But you could try it and see, just in case.

Sorry, but this was not clear to me. It was indication can I do something from my end, I did not read this as if there is an option to pause GIGs and add new one active as number 8 while one of the 7 is paused.

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So you could try going to the “gigs” page (that shows each of your gigs) and selecting the box next to one you want to pause so that box is checked next that gig. Then on the pull-down option thing on the right side of that gig, select the pause option. So if you then have 6 active gigs out of 7 total, press the “Create a gig” option and see if it lets you create a new gig at that point or see what it says.

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What about to let Buyer choose between your left and right?

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I have 7 active GIGs. I already said that If I had six I would already create this lefty GIG.

I do not want people willing to pay for my right-hand work to mix with people able to pay my left-hand work.
It sounds like discrimination, but that is why we have VIP sections.

What about to wait for a while for Level 1 with 10 gigs then?

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