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I have an unresponsive buyer

Hi, I’d love to share my very first bad experience as a singer in Fiverr.
So, when I was using my phone, an order came without a message. Then, I was confused, how can this person ordered my premium package, it is $125, without saying the details first in my inbox. After that, I tried to ask the details and things I need to know and apparently he was new to Fiverr (Aug’20). He answered me quite fast that time, but then disappear for around 2 days after I asked about the references and other details. But it was good, he finally reached me and explained. I had told him that I would talk to him again, of course after I make the sample. When I had sent my sample, he did not respond to it. I could not deliver something which had not approved and finished. I thought it was just for a while, but it was not. I have been waiting for him around 8 days. I had given him an extend request, since he had not replied to my message, but what could I do? I was just waiting. Finally, I made a decision to ask help from customer support, to cancel his order as this makes my gig traffic lower, unlike usual and this is stressed me out haha since I am worry if my ranking and rate will be affected. Hopefully, the customer service will reach me asap.

Anybody experienced the same? What did you do?
And will it affect your ranking and rate if you do the mutual cancellation?

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Never give free samples - that’s free work. Always charge for samples.

All cancellations will affect your stats for 60 days.

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I’m not sure: are you saying that you believe that cancelling this order will affect your traffic less than an open but late order?

It’s great to send a sample but for fiverr you might need to adjust your work style and get all information upfront in the requirements including all question and ask them for attachment for references and make it mandatory. And after that deliver full piece, not a “sample” and from there you both can make revisions. I know it’s easier with a sample but you are opening yourself for a lot of uncomfortable situations.

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I used to discuss first when I have made the sample, but I think about this now.
Thanks for the advice and reply :slight_smile:

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hey, thanks for the reply :slight_smile:

My traffic is affected because of this late order that I dispute (extend delivery) but not getting soon response… And I am afraid that cancellations will affect more.

I think I need to change my work style now, I never had a problem with this before.
I thought it will be nice to have sample and ask for their opinions.
Well yeah, I will directly deliver it from now on.
And actually I already mentioned the “references” on the requirements submissions.
Some do not do that, and directly press order instead.

Make it mandatory …