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I have become a "Hi" person -

Since some people have had the new inbox for a while, can someone please tell me how to stop ENTER from sending a message instead of starting a new line?

I was getting this little popup asking whether I wanted to start a new line or send a message. Now it is just sending every time I hit the thing.

I can’t have this. It’s making me look super unprofessional.

Edit: I found a workaround where I apparently have to manually set my message preferences with every message by clicking an arrow. If someone can tell let me know if there is a permenant way to set this, though, this would be greatly appreciated.


Though I don’t have the new inbox, holding Shift while pressing Enter will often force a new line. Try sending me a message to see if it works!

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Thank you, but I just found a little arrow where I can change this.

Very annoying though! Also, it’s apparently CTRL and ENTER to start a new line.

At some point I’m going to need IT lessons just to keep up with all this…(insert expletive here).


:fearful: That’s ghastly.

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And a complete nightmare for a one handed typist and chain smoker!


My bad. You were right. It’s SHIFT & ENTER for a new line, CTRL & ENTER to send.

I feel better now. I was worried about this new inbox! :stuck_out_tongue:


Oh My! I hope I never get the new inbox! :scream:

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Well, it works nicely for me. You are probably facing a bug, because when I click on that arrow and set “Pressing Enter will start a new line”, it stays that way.

I just use a notepad for typing out messages, to be honest.

that was my nightmare :thinking:

I actually love it :grin: It saved me some round trips!

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