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I have been a fiverr seller for around five days, and nothing has happened yet... WHY?

try to active more and send 10 buyer request everyday. it will help you to got more order.

How are you? We all are working for getting orders so be patient for your exclusive first order. Try to promote you gig and stay on fiverr forum…

Thank you

Sand buyer request on daily basis :grinning: :grinning: :grinning: :grinning: :grinning:.

No stay tuned 25/8 :grin:

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Fiverr Recommend Staying Online

Yes - exactly. But you need to be online at least 25 hours per day! If less, it will never work :slightly_smiling_face:

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keep sending buyer request and stay online. you will get the job quickly

This thread started off with genuinely helpful critiques and then gradually sank into the muck with the persistent utterance of terrible advice.

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hi @psykkopatte, sorry to cut in like that but what kind of thumbnail will be considered eye-catching and Fiverr-worthy? I spend a lot of time on my descriptive text but yes, you’re right - thumbnails matter a lot and I don’t think I’ve made mine stand out well enough. Am I wrong?

Sorry to disappoint you but, if you think that signing up on this platform and creating two or three gigs will make you earn money, you’re wrong. It takes a lot more work than that, this platform is not “easy money” and it’s not as easy and simple as some Youtubers make it appear.

You’ve been here for 5 days… there are sellers who have been waiting an order for years (I’m not exaggerating)

Make some research, here in the Forum or in the internet, on how to improve your overall profile and attract customers.

Have a nice day!

Yout thumbnails are good, maybe put another picture of you with another facial expression.
I don’t know your niche at all, there is also the gig SEO, there are some strategies to choose the right tag words for your gigs, watch tutorials on youtube, they explain how it works, there is also the fact of not changing title of a gig when you re edit it, because when you change gig title, it doesn’t apply it in URL link so better remove and re create a gig if it’s what you’ve done.

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I see quite a few sellers do this and even sometimes on review videos on YouTube. Whats the reason for this; sometimes it just looks really cringy.

Buyers shouldn’t care about how a seller looks (unless their looks are a part of their gig) but they do anyway. That’s why there are an unusually large amount of desperate sellers who put completely unrelated images of attractive young women as their profile avatars.

Hmm, in your profile pic, I would say that you have a slightly pensive smile. To an over analytical buyer, that might convey a lack of confidence or a state of uneasiness.

I know I don’t have much room to talk myself, as my picture looks like I just walked out of a gentleman’s club with a blaring neon sign and look a bit aggravated. :sweat_smile: