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I have been asked to Bill to Buyer


Hi All,
Being a Seller, I have been asked to Bill to Buyer. How is that possible?

Isn’t it we work on Order, on completion we deliver ? First time for me to bill buyer. Don’t see any option ?


I need the answer, can some one help please


Like to send a invoice to the buyer?


The buyer has to pay when they order. Refer them to the Terms of Service at the bottom of the Fiverr main page for the rules as to how Fiverr works.


Got it, many thanks. Actually Buyer not sure how much to pay.


Tell your buyer what’s your price for the task they want you to complete.


I see, but the problem is payment is based on number of input I provide. It will vary.
So do we have any billing option from Seller side?


Yes, something similar to that - don’t we have any option?


No. They can order from your gig page, or you can send them a custom offer, but even with the custom offer, it’s up to you to decide (in advance, when creating an offer) how much you will charge.


Thanks a lot @catwritter, much appreciated !! :slightly_smiling_face:

Fiverr community is really helping me a lot as others.
I actually found the solution. Buyer is asking for (ticket) customized offer which I will create from my ‘Inbox’ > ‘Create an offer’ option.
I think this will resolve the issue.


You’ll still have to decide in advance how much to charge. Then again (and just in case you’re not aware of it yet), you’ll have the option to add a custom extra directly from the order page (after the buyer places the order, of course), so, if it turns out that your service costs more than anticipated, that should be an easy solution.


Thank you so much for your advice