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I have been away!


Hello friends and business partners. How is the holiday and cold? Please guys, I have been away to do some article on some topics, and I have been very busy that i could not use my account i opened some moths ago. What are your advices? I am a seasoned and passionate journalist who has written several articles, so am ready for business now. can you share any tip on how to go about making some cash on my account?



Is anyone willing to assist?


I would switch your profile picture to either a real photo or at least a high quality logo or something personal. Using a stock photo of an attractive woman makes your gig look questionable.

The writing on your gig description isn’t too bad although there are some odd words like “contents” instead of content and the use of punctuation is a little off. That may make it tough to get writing gigs. If you have some other skills you could try adding more gigs. It is really hard to make much with one single gig even if it is perfect. Good luck.


OH! Thanks so much, i would look into it ASAP. Thanks


yah you should start your gigs, update your profile, and market it using social media etc. there is great potential to make a side income from fiverr.

if you can write well then I think you will have a bright future here. stop thinking and just do it :slight_smile: if you need any help you can contact me


thanks safwan,


Reply to @fonthaunt: Very good tips.