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I have been blackmailed

Hi All,

Can someone guide me on this issue?
I was reached by a customer. He placed the order and I delivered him. He gets away. The order was completed automatically. Then he came back and placed another order. Then he said I don’t like it and then he gets away. that order was completed again automatically.
After some days he came back and was asking for a refund. I told him that a refund is not an option and he said that we will do something in the future. I agreed.
Now he came with blackmailing that if I don’t do his work he will put up the matter with Fiverr. I am busy with my current orders.

What should I do? Do I need to block him or contact fiverr? Will fiverr support me?


Why did you ever agree to work again with someone who demanded a refund from a previous completed order?


Because he is saying that give me a refund or otherwise I report you

Contact with customer support…

Did you complete the order to gig specifications, and quantity of samples?

Terms of service :

Payment T&C (part of the ToS)

If you did not, then the Buyer can request revisions. If you can’t, they can cancel. If you did, then you might have to report them for trying to blackmail you.

try to contact with fiverr support.

Thanks all of you. I have just raised my concern at the customer support and also block the buyer as he was demanding from me to do the data entry. I am not good at it.

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I hope you do not have a Gig under the Data Entry category here if you are not good at it? I know a lot of new sellers tend to pick that category to put a Gig in as they think it will be easy money.


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Ask the CS to cancel the order and restore your stats manually. Also report the person as well

He does have a data entry gig.

Why would he ask the CS to cancel the order if he delivered everything he was supposed to?

Because of the problem he is facing. If he won’t cancel the order himself, either the CS will (of course if the buyer submits a ticket) or we will end up getting a negative rating from the blackmailing buyer