I have been defrauded on Fiverr by user fragglesrock


I know its only $5 but the princable is there ordered a gig from fragglesrock and the seller added a random video and marked as complete he has made no effort to complete the transaction and i a left u of pocket this seller stole my money and i wonder how many others money he has stolen?? i am bitter to fiverr are all members like this?

Sheriff’s note: Please do not ‘call out’ on the forum. If you have an issue with a particular seller, please contact them directly or speak to Customer Support who should be able to advise you how to proceed


I want to clear few things up:

  1. Naming people aren’t allowed on the forum, your post will be edited by the mods soon.
  2. If the order is complete and you are not happy with it, you can REJECT order which means the seller will not be paid until the gig has been been re-delivered.
  3. The seller you are talking about is a Top Rated Seller. That is the highest status here on Fiverr, I am sure there must have been a misunderstanding. I suggest you to send them a message
  4. NO, not all sellers are like that! Please do not think Fiverr is a scamplace. There are very nice and honest sellers which try their best to deliver a nice product.


customer support do not answer


customer support seem happy that this vender is a thief and stole my money abvosly they got their fees so they dont care

no repies to emails fom customer support


Reply to @btse2011: Customer Support WILL answer your request, please give them a little time


Customer Support appears to be a little backlogged at the moment for some reason (days to answer emails as opposed to a few hours) it looks like that seller accidentally added somebody else’s video to your gig, i’ve done that that numerous times. Reject it and he will notice it! (unless you have been waiting over 3 days which is when it will auto-mark as complete)


@btse2011 - You don’t need customer support to reject an order. The button is right below the order. Just hit it, reject the order and that’s it.