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I have been getting clicks and views on my gig, but not much orders

Hi people !!
I am a new seller here on Fiverr. I have amde quite a few gigs and three of them are working fine, by saying fine, I mean they are receiving impressions, gig views and clicks. I have even completed 3 orders on one of the gig and I am consistently receiving views and clicks on that gig but no orders.
Can you please tell me what’s wrong with my gig and what can I do to improve my gig conversion rate, so that I get more orders.

Here is the link to my gig :

And here is the link to my Fiverr profile :!

Can you please go through it and let me know what can I do to improve my gig and maybe other gigs too ?


Same here. But All the Best. Try Hard :+1:t2: :muscle:t2:

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I have this same problem . I have been getting views and clicks . But no orders .

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Basic English Skill test 8.2 not even to 10.
So this is the biggest issue if you offer to transcribe the text, but can’t pass basic English test to 10 out of 10, this is the problem.

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Thanks a lot for figuring out the issue.
Could you please let me know if I can make any changes to my gig ?
I shall be grateful to you for helping me out.

If u offer Text-based things, you should do the test from Basic to Experienced, to provide service like your gig says, transcribe audio, video, text in 6 hours accurately. But if you cant pass even Basic English test, then the customer who would love to order He change his mind.

I took the test again and got a score of 9/10. How about now ?

Now its good, now do the same with rest of the levels :wink:

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I couldn’t get your point at “now do the same with rest of the levels”

Could you please help me out with my query ?

Sure, do rest of the skill test what includes English Language tests. It would help you alot for your gigs :slight_smile:

Same problem with me.

Okk, got your point.
Thanks for the suggestion. :blush: