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I have been here about 1 month i can not sell any my gig


how can sell my gig please give me a suggestion


those my gig


Why dont you try this

  1. The first one to order gets it for free
  2. Promoting your gigs in the social media sites.
  3. Look closely on the tags and descriptions on the gigs, make sure they are more appealing, you can look at other sellers gigs ( but can’t copy though).

    And trust me to get the first one always takes time after that its a walk in the park.


    Pri :slight_smile:


thanks for suggest


Well, those services doesnt get much attention, there are hundreds maybe thousands of them, it will be hard for buyers to notice yours, you may have to be a bit lucky.

It would be great if you make better titles, more attractive, and give bigger offers and a cheap price, intill at least you get known.

I once spent $5 to bring traffic to my gig and website, all what my seller did was posting an ad on facebook groups and pages, and on tweetter, that’s not an ad, I mean, no one really click on an ad on a facebook group, esspecially when it is already full of people posting all kind of stuff, mostly their facebook pages or websites to get some likes and fans.

Effcorse, you can start getting orders some time, it can take a month or two, or even 3 months, as it can take a day or two, I didn’t receive any orders during a whole month since I started my gig, but then I was lucky ennuf to get some.

I was just going to give up about it, infact I forgot that I even have a gig, I was lucky to just check my email (I rarely do) to find that I have a message waiting for me.

You may want to post other gigs that can be usefull and creative, do you have some talents that you can present? Maybe sing, make a testemonial video, draw, web coding, or maybe designing a website, etc…

Check fiverr home page to see what other people post, maybe you can get inspired.

Try to post some crazy, weird and useless stuff, who knows, maybe someone will find it funny and send an order!

I hope that helps.

I wish you good luck :smiley:

But remember, this is not a job, this is just somekind of a hobby or somthing to do in spare time for some extra cash, so don’t put very high expectations right at the beginning so you don’t get dissapointed later. But there are many successfull sellers, even ones that make their living from fiverr gigs. :smiley:


:-& =:) :-*

check this and try as like as


Hi Stumble_boss,

I can help you to promote your fiverr gig on 100 different facebook groups with aleast 5000 members.

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Hi stumble_boss,

I’ve only been here a couple of days but I found the tips on the ‘Tips: Creating & Promoting Your Gigs’ thread to be very useful & recommend that you check it out.

Here’s the link:

Also, from a graphic designer’s point of view, I would suggest that you upload some better quality images to your gigs. I notice that a lot of your images are low resolution and very pixelated.

High quality images will make your gigs look much more professional.

Hope that helps :slight_smile: Good luck!


Upon quick glance, I would shorten your titles to something more palatable. There are a couple that don’t make much sense, even after clicking the gig (such as the Pinterest one…I am not sure what this gig is offering). I would create a bullet list of exactly what you will be doing for them as it isn’t very clear.

Another suggestion is to change the “thumbs down” photo to a “thumbs up” photo on your Facebook gig. It might be sending the wrong message :slight_smile:


plz give me a suggest how i create gig and how to create high quality gig

plz give me a bullet list


Hi Stumble_boss, create unique and high quality gig based your own skill, then before post it to Fiverr, try to observe similar gig with your gig offer, take a look what they offer and what can you offer better than other seller. Make sure you deliver best gig and maybe some bonus then post your gig. Optimize your tags, description and promote it. Also adding your gig with high quality video to explain what you offer.

If you want, I can promote your gig. You can check out my gig here

(2 Fiverr gigs promotion)

I also give some unadvertised bonus too.



Hi and welcome.

When you post on the forum like you have, you will mostly get a bunch of Sellers trying to sell you their gigs.

Here’s some solid reading about getting started on Fiverr…

Seller Start Up Basics

How to Create and Promote your gigs


I might not be an expert at Fiverr, but I’m the guy just like you, starting off, getting some advice from many people like the top rated seller Old Man Steve. I love him, very helpful, replied to my inquiry QUICKLY. This is a quality that buyers look for. Old Man Steve portrayed respect for my question and he replied.

I’ve seen many videos on YouTube that lead me towards how I can sell much more. I’ve currently gotten my first sale in the translation industry and it’s probably because I sell a much greater value than all the other translators. For example, buyers look for the CHEAPEST price and the most QUALIFYING person in the industry. I’m currently offering 800 word translations for $5, which is much cheaper than the 300 word offer for other translators in the industry. This I believe is a factor in promoting your gig.

I’ve also seen that videos bring in more traffic to your gig, an ATTRACTIVE video. The first thing that your buyer should see is your face. Your face is everything, it explains everything to the buyer and you want the buyer to get hooked into your gig. Overdelivering to the buyer is the best way to do this, offer a free service included in the gig, do an event and let the 100th buyer get 5 orders free, etc.

People don’t really read the text on your page! Many people use the video to include all their hooks and make them read the text. Again, the video is the hook.

I recommend you would try to get engaged with the community, let the community know you exist, just like when you start a blog. Get engaged with the top sellers, get engaged with the Twitter Fiverr community. This forum is the greatest way to engage with other sellers and buyers, and let people know you exist! I recommend you start doing that.

Good luck to you, and I hope my gig launches off as great as yours!