I have been here on Fiverr for a while, but did not get my first gig ever :(


I tried my best to convince by my gigs but here everyone looks only reviews but how can a new seller can get reviews if customer will not believe in the new seller?
just tired up with this.


Hi , Post your comment in the forum subject “Improve My Gig” https://forum.fiverr.com/


Straight to the point:

Wrong. You can’t blame the missing reviews. You weren’t convincing enough. You claim in your profile description that you are fluent in English, what you are clearly not. Even your post here misses every comma, period a.s.o. what at least could give you a little bit of credibility.

In your gig description it says:
" I am not going to describe it more, if you have guts to believe just try me once, you will be deal back as you needed."

What do you think will be the reaction of any buyer to this?

When I read this it feels like the waiter in a restaurant smashes a plate with food on the table in front of me and says: “Here is your order. It tastes good. Come back soon.”

Think about that. If you tried your best and this is the result, I rest my case.


If your description isn’t clear or doesn’t inspire trust, your gig won’t succeed.


You should careful about your gig.If your gig is best,you will be succeed.


I felt the same way like a month ago.
But I read all the posts I could from the forum and I have got my first orders.
I really recommend you to read the section about improving your gigs.
Good luck, don’t give up!


always be patient. research some of best gigs which is related to your skill but not copy past anything. just get an idea. so now first create a gig according to your skill. write best description.use perfect image.marketing your gig on social media.send buyer request 10 daily. answer your client message asap.Hope you will get success soon.


Keep patient and never disappointed:slightly_smiling_face:. Be confident when you talk with buyer and make sure you can did this job properly. And offer him you can do it’s(job) 60% first free then he can order you.
It help me to get my first order.
Hope for best.


Hi, I have seen your profile, I think you don’t have any idea about fiverr. you just leaving a random comment. I am confuse about your profile. :slight_smile: Moreover, Why need free 60%???


@sweet2 Sorry. i should reply him (hamza_mian).