I have been on fiver for a long time still no orders,please help


Hi everyone.
I have been on fiver for a long time now but I still have no orders,please can you guys help me check my account and let me know if doing something wrong.


you have to promote yourself and you have be online as much as possible




Well 94% is his ranking and only 3 orders.


Which sites can you promote yourself on?
Do you mean sharing on your social media page?


Social Media Sites will only bring you Visitors not Buyers.


Here and on your profile page you don’t leave a space after the comma. You offer a professional writing gig. If someone is looking for that this will turn them away in a heartbeat.



plz be online…do the buyer request…post your gigs in social medias on a regular basis
definitely you will get orders.

Take care.


Focus and work on buyers requests page.


You need to have an attractive gig — written in proper English. If you don’t have a professional, attractive, valuable gig, written in spectacular English, then you may not receive orders. Show your buyers that you care and take responsibly for your business. Think about the level of your Gig’s(s) professionalism, images, what are you writing in your description, pricing, packages and don’t forget - exceptional customer care goes a long way.


The pro package of your first gig has a disadvantage over the premium package. It offers ‘10 articles and one for free’ ($150,-). The premium package offers ‘5 articles and one for free’ ($50,-). If the buyer spends $150,- on the premium package he gets 15 articles and 3 for free, while he would get much less for the same amount of money when buying the pro package.

It’s important to get all this things straight before getting concerned about all the promotional stuff.


Promote your gigs, focus on business…


and calling other sellers whoresons, just like you do! Right, got it.




Yes that’s one way of doing it.


Really appreciate guys.


You will need to promote your gigs online and go to buyer requests and submit your gigs.


find something unique to do :slight_smile: I never advertise much but have an overwhelming amount of orders :slight_smile: