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I have been on Fiverr for a month now, but I haven't gotten a job yet

Hello Fiverr family

I’m new to the Fiverr forum
I created a gig already, are there any procedures I need to follow?
Thank you all😊


Hi @lenjay55, welcome to fiverr. Don’t worry, You learn more but slowly. Best wishes for you.


Am new too, got one order and praying for more. I guess we should be patient.

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Hey @gr_nisan thank you

Hello, you can read as much as you can of what appears in this link:

Also the topics that appear in this forum, and the opinions of the sellers who often have the same problems and doubts as one. Greetings!


I would suggest to create a gig in Low Competition niche Keywords. Then hopefully you will start getting orders. Keep learning and try to add GIG Videos to your Gigs.

Also, Share your Gig on social media groups and try to grab your clients from social media . Send buyer requests on daily basis.

Good Luck.


Hello @jorgecanessa Thank you so much for this

Hello @shopify_ijaz Thank you :blush:

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welcome tp Fiverr community forum.

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Hey there!

I’m new to Fiverr too and haven’t gotten any jobs yet. Here are some things I plan to do - hopefully they’ll help you out!

  1. Promote my Fiverr page to my personal social media accounts
  2. Word of mouth: text friends and family to tell them what you’re doing
  3. Optimize my gigs using SEO and keywords

Good luck!


well done. welcome to fiverr forum.

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the same problem, any one help me… :sob:

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@tammim172123 Thank you :blush:

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@allienapz Wow, thank you for this❤️

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Create more gigs with perfect keyword settings and eye-catchy thumbnail and image. Best wishes for You.

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@joyantoray Thank you

Share your Fiverr gig links on social media, Make good looking banner for gig, add all details about service on gig, send buyer request if you got. Most Welcome! Do Good and Honest Job. Best of Luck!..Thanks!

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@kaium840 I will do that,
Thank you