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I have been receiving orders from fake IDs. What should I do?

Hi, a few days back I received an order from a new profile, I was already doubtful about the profile but I had no choice other than to deliver the work. The moment I delivered the order, the buyer opened a dispute saying my content is not good and he/she will report my profile and I will get a warning resultantly. So I accepted the mutual cancellation request even though I didn’t want to.

Today I received a similar order from another new ID. Similar order means the writing style of both buyers is similar, topics are also the same (weird or unclear). I am 90% sure this buyer would do the same. I wanted to know what is the best response a seller must show under such situations? What should I do if this buyer too opens a dispute for no good reason? Thanks for your time!

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avoid this client or you can report him.


I would contact CS about this suspicious behavior, and refuse a cancellation if it comes down to it. If you deliver within the specifications of your gig, there’s no valid reason for them to cancel.

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The buyer has already placed an order without contacting me in the inbox. How reporting him would help me now?

I contacted the CS when I had this bad experience for the first time, received an auto-reply next day and another auto-reply after like 15 days. :frowning:

I would try contacting them again, regardless, that’s all that can really help if this case goes sour. CS has been understaffed from what I’ve read, and has taken some time getting back to everyone at the moment. In due time, they should be able to help you.


go inbox and select him and you will see options.

Thanks for your time. I will try contacting them again! :slight_smile:

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At this stage with the buyer already placing an order (and as suspected, holds multiple accounts), reporting isn’t going to help with this situation, at least not until after the fact. And even then, they could attempt to continue to harass this seller with another account, which you can’t exactly see coming.

Ok. Let me try! Thanks for your time and reply. :slight_smile:

Welcome :heart_eyes:

Put your prices up and remove all mention of unlimited revisions, 100% anything at all, put a limit on your topic ideas and bear in mind all images, even from free sites, have a limited use policy.

All the above attract scummy buyers. You’ve a few reviews under your belt and can afford to raise your prices


Thanks a lot for these great suggestions. I’m going to makes these changes for sure!

Why they would be doing that? What is the reason and what will the fake buyers get? Once I had the similar experience, but I still don’t understand, why - why they are acting this way?

Some people are just evil as a matter of course. What gives rise to this kind of behaviour is anyone’s guess.

The best way to avoid it is to keep an eye out for red flags - there are posts about those you can find by using the search bar - and do everything you can to ensure your gigs aren’t attracting them. Report and block if appropriate.

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  1. Free content.

  2. Harming their competition (if they’re competitors).

  3. Revenge (if they think that the OP did something they didn’t like).

  4. Some people just enjoy hurting others for no good reason.

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As expected, the buyer has opened a dispute after receiving content.

:cry: I’m sorry. It was a little predictable though.