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I have been registered for a long time but I could not sell at all. Can you give advice?

I have been offering gig in the current offer for a long time, but I did not even receive a message, I think it is cheap as a fee, what should I do
Sample : Pencil
Sample : Colored Pencil


Nice way. Now your gig is up.
Good luck.


Thank you Vidmah


Both your gig descriptions look the same. You could change one of them, at least to say it’s coloured.

In the gig descriptions you say you also do other drawings like landscapes. It might be better to create a separate gig for other types of drawings like landscapes and put them in graphic & design->illustration. It might increase your chances of orders that way.


Thanks for the answer I will change it soon. Are there any other deficiencies?

Your GIG looks OK, and your skills are superb. Now all you need is clients finding you.

Are you using anything else since you are artist? IG? YouTube? Do you record yourself while drawing?

You could use that to promote your services.

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There is none. Actually, if I take an order, I am thinking of taking the videos of the drawings and sharing them on youtube, but I don’t have orders yet

It looks okay apart from “I can shipping the” could be “I can ship the” in both descriptions.

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You should “ignore” Fiverr and focus on YT. There are so many small artist making big bucks on YT.

I do not know is it allowed to share the links here but lets give it a go:

Oh thx :slight_smile: I use google translate sometimes it can cause trouble

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I followed Baylee when she was just starting and now she is full time YT, and the process of her growth help me see how to improve my channel.

But I have books to write now so I ma not focusing on just art and YT.


Actually I follow a few of them. Equipment etc. All should earn money and a few sales revenue. I’m a little desperate

I get that.

You are approaching this on a wrong way. You do not buy equipment and then make videos, you make videos and when they pick up and people start watching you buy equipment with earned money.

At this point you could be next Degas or Picasso but you are on the last page so clients won’t find you.

It is too late for Halloween but how about opening special service for holidays, drawings for holiday, cards or something? Do some research on that.

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You are right I will do some research on this I hope I can start selling soon.

You can diversify your gig more. Do something like an album.What if someone wants to hire you to do a anime book, what would they order?