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I have been reported for rejecting s*xual services on fiverr

I don’t know where to put this, and I can’t find single request support option, so Im dropping this here

Yesterday, 12-jan-21, I got a person asking about one of my life coaching gigs.

He demanded we have videocall as he doesn’t trust me listening to him through Fiverr written chat. I didn’t like the idea, but I understood his request. He told me both of his parents died and needed face to face talk with anyone. I felt compassionate. He gave me his ■■■■■ link and I added him.

As soon as that happened he instantly started requesting i open the call, show nude pictures and do sex talk with him. I didn’t open call or send anything, and politely explained to him that I am not an escort, and there is nothing in my gig that says I’m offering that, in any way.

I apologized, said thank you, and good bye. There was no purchased gigs as he wanted proof I’d add him on ■■■■■ first, before buying anything.

He told me it is my duty as Fiverr seller to comfort him sexually as other ladies on Fiverr did so already. If they do it, I have to do it too. He also said I will pay if I don’t satisfy his ■■■■■■ needs, because his parents died.

I reported him, blocked and went outside to calm down for a day.

Today I came back to see I have been reported and that this is my last chance. It is my first report as well.

He didn’t buy anything, he harassed me sexually, in those chats, including fiverr chat. I reported him both on fiverr and on ■■■■■, but here he has every right to do that.

I don’t think that is ok, but I hope someone reads this, as ■■■■■■ services shouldn’t be so common on fiverr and i don’t want to be reported and kicked out for rejecting sex with a stranger, simply because fiverr likes that.

That is very wrong


If you have proof (take screenshots of the FIverr chat or anything where it says his username), send that to customer support. Tell them you were harassed or whatever happened, show the pictures and ask them to remove your warning as you did nothing wrong.

  • To protect our users’ privacy, user identities are kept anonymous. Requesting or providing Email addresses, ■■■■■/IM usernames, telephone numbers or any other personal contact details to communicate outside of Fiverr in order to circumvent or abuse the Fiverr messaging system or Fiverr platform is not permitted.
  • Any necessary exchange of personal information required to continue a service may be exchanged within the Order Page.

The above is from the Terms of Service at the bottom of the Fiverr main page.

Check this out: Don't do it! .... You Have Been Warned! if you want to protect your account.


In a situation as serious as this the last of Fiverr’s worries should be their TOS. Instead of simply asking if the seller is ok and assuring them the user is banned from the platform they hit the seller with a warning. This would be a PR disaster for them if this ever makes it to outside media.


desktop ■■■■■

Live session was part of the service, and there is no way to do it through fiver chat, meaning I didn’t violate terms of service. It shouldn’t been allowed if it still violates it.

There is no way for me to offer live chat through fiver, and people aren’t willing to buy without it. So far everyone left as soon as I said I can only chat through Fiverr. and that was the reason I accepted.

“It is only allowed if it is needed as part of the service”, and it was part of the service.

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And so you have violated Fiverr’s Terms of Service.

Don’t get me wrong, what happened to you is awful, and I’m truly sorry about it, but rules exist for a reason (several reasons, actually, and one of them is your protection).

It wasn’t, because there was no order in place.


and he didn’t violate anything? thanks

The above is the problem.

From my post above.

offer was made, and got canceled. it is what it is. i brought this to customer support and even with man’s nudity, it is ok. apparently, buyers are allowed to be that free.

My fault. Thanks for the support, not coming back
I hope it happens to nobody else

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Oh… no. Very sad dear. I think he is mentally sick.

Fiverr support will definitely help you, take screenshots and send to fiverr


I really feel for you, some people just derive pleasure in making life miserable for others, just calm down, and avoid being banned by fiverr i believe everything will be fine. I’m really sorry for you.


I am sorry that happened !
This is actually serious !!

No ! Buyers are not allowed either, he will pay price in his own way when you will report him with proof !

fiverr is a place where we make our career, so obviously it affects more to us when we get warning or get suspended while buyers are one who have not grown this tree as we have done, so not much affected…they will create new account and simply start buying !

On the other hand we have to start with that long journey again !

Even if he is already punished or warned, you never know !

He did !
but two wrongs don’t make it right !

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I did, they banned me. Aparently according to fiver, man had every right to ask for s*x here. Just so you know.

I have been banned and I got explained that I had no right to react or report his behaviour. it’s humans rights.

His asked his friends to report me as well. I have been perma-banned.
Lesson to anyone out there. Fiver don’t got sellers back. You are on your own.

Harassments continued in private life.


sorry to hear about that however this is what happens when you break the rules… and exchange personal info … Indeed there is an option to have video calls with your buyers through zoom but it’s not available for everyone at the moment.


There have a report option If someone try to do like adult behaviour you can report on him. brother

I did that. it didn’t work.

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Unfortunately if he hadn’t made an order yet and you gave him your info that was still a ToS violation). However, the way you got banned when you were clearly put on the spot (emotionally blackmailed, and then harassed) is exactly the issue with fiverr right now. Did you provide proof to fiverr (not just about the person reporting you but his friends / etc.?) What did they say?

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