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I have been scammed keeping paying no delivery

This seller now telling me stories that i need to pay more to get my robot. I have now received email that i am threatening him but he owes me. Who can help

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Why should you pay more?

What email you talking about? Do you mean warning from Fiverr?

Don’t get me wrong but I have to ask. Are you threatening?

If the trying to scammed with you then you send the cancellation request to seller by yourself or you can got customer support for canceling the order.

Apparently the robot is with a programming studio and they want more. I have paid $200 initially i was quoted $100.

Honestly i said why are you scamming me? And said i will report you.

Yes email from Fiverr

The support team no reply from them

what they are saying…? can you share the screen shot with us…?

would you pls share email massage with us…? which you got from fiverr.

Truth I would cancel the order… Fiverr support might take some time to reply because they receive alot of emails per day.