I have BEEN scammed! Paid 10$ and NOTHING!


I am very disapointed! This is the 1st time I use Fiverr, I posted a request for some photos to be taken. I have been contacted by someone who was willing to do the gig, so we had a conversation via messages, then she created the gig, I paid for 2 gigs ($10) and there was NO DELIVERY! How can I get my money back ? Payment was made through paypal. THis is so disapointing!


Please contact customer support, they should be able to help you out here.


You can get you money back through PayPal’s customer guarantee. You’ll have to create a problem ticket and it’ll take a few weeks but you will get your money back.

I had to do it once!


You stated she “created the gig” does that mean she completed the order and you have not received it yet? Double check the delivery time maybe she is still working on it. I wish you luck with it and please take the advice that ozzieuk provided.


Reply to @ghostblogger: Yes this could be the case. if not contact support


Reply to @ghostblogger: I think he means that the seller created a gig specifically to do the agreed work and allegedly never delivered.

@ricoramiro any disagreements are resolved through fiverr. It’s in the TOS


Thanks @markp that makes more sense than what I was thinking


So sorry you had a horrible experience. FIRST like others have said contact customer support and tell them exactly what happened and they will look into it for you!


If you ordered two gigs, you can cancel it after the delay has passed… then, you will automatically get your money back.


I would normally say to just reject the order and you’ll get a refund… but there’s something fishy here.

How did you pay through Pay-Pal? You can’t do that. You have to use the Fiverr payment system.

I’ve had 2 “Buyers” that tried to scam me by sending me a message asking why I hadn’t delivered their gig. They said they were going to report me. Funny thing? They told me that they paid me through Pay-Pal. Funnier still is that you can’t pay through Pay-Pal. This guy was just trying to get a free gig.

So. @mlclm_design. What exactly are you saying here? If you just mis-typed then simply reject the order and get a refund. Or, is this topic meant to do something else?


Wait wait wait… payment was made through paypal? Do you mean that you DIRECTLY paid her without fiverr being the middleman?


I haven’t made a purchase here, but aren’t ALL payments made through PayPal if you use them as your payment method? I understand Fiverr has some sort of paywall in place, but doesn’t the transaction go through PayPal if you use them as a payment system?


Reply to @beatcraigslist: It does but fiverr acts as a middleman so if the transaction or delivery goes wrong somewhere, the person can get their money back.

If the OP actually bought the gig through fiverr by paying through fiverr, then the customer support can help him/her out.

I may be wrong, someone please prove me wrong


CS is the best bet - but you can cancel or reject the work.