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I have been told my order is a copyright infringement

I ordered a request here and went ahead with someone, we worked together and she sent me “her final design she had made”. I paid and have since started using this logo she apparently made for me.

I have embroidered it onto stock, used on social media and now been called names like a rip off, scammer etc for using other peoples art work.

It turns out the image she sold me is a image on Google searches that someone else has drawn a long time ago. So now 8m stuck, I paid for this image to be made for me to start a business, used it and spent money using it on stock only to be told I can’t.

Where do I stand now?

I need compensating for the loss of stock, time and money paid for the image and my time starting a business on a copyrighted logo image.

This is not on.


I’m so sorry. Contact Fiverr customer service. You’ll likely get a refund if you provide proof this is plagiarism and the seller will likely be penalized. Maybe even banned.


you may be right…or not , we can’t know , best thing to do is to contact customer support … Also one of the best indicators when you are looking to buy a logo is the price.In my opinion 5$ (REAL) logos do not exist

While I agree that it’s asking for trouble, nothing excuses a seller pretending someone else’s work is their own. That’s theft and deceit and those don’t become less heinous because of the price.

True , but we don’t know the entire story…the description of the gig and so on , probably support will sort it out

The description stated a freshly designed logo for a new business, it stated all copyright ownership be transferred to me, she confirmed this in her offer amongst many other things. I have contacted customer support.

I paid a lot more than £5

Cheers for the replies guys.