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I have been trying to deduce Fiverr's Feedback Policy

Based on various customer support interactions and the lack of anything concrete in the terms and conditions. Can other sellers tell me whether I have got this right? Would be handy for other sellers on this site.

The way I see it, the policy is as follows.

  1. The customer can write whatever they want. No exceptions.

Feedback can be removed:

  1. If you have buyer permission.

So, the feedback system appears to be heavily weighted towards the buyer. Negative feedbacks in past few weeks:

  1. Customer saying the content is the worst he has ever had. He admitted in the gig that he actually hadn’t read it, he just wanted a refund as he couldn’t afford it. Feedback not removed.

  2. Customer leaving a negative feedback saying the content was not what he wanted. He admitted in the gig that he had not given me all of the information I needed. Feedback not removed.

  3. Customer leaving a negative feedback saying the gig took too long. It was delivered 2 days early. Feedback not removed.

The latter two are no longer in existence (Although still impacting me) as I have removed the gig in question.

Anybody have success with the removal of feedback?

I have record of approaching Fiverr about removing feedback three times. Two of those three times, they’ve removed the feedback.

The first time, a buyer came back after delivery with totally new instructions. I told him politely that that’s not how this works, so he left negative feedback, stating that I was a horrible writer, blah blah blah. I messaged him and asked essentially what his problem was and he said that he would happily remove the feedback if I provided him with a brand new article for free. Contacted support, feedback removed.

Second time, buyer left three-star feedback with the automatic “Satisfactory Experience” line. I messaged him to ask how I could improve his experience. A full month later, he responded to my message, told me flat out that he had not actually read what I sent him before he left the feedback, but now that he has read it (and a month has passed) he still feels the feedback is fair. Contacted support, feedback not removed. Not that big of a deal, it had already been long buried by that time.

Third time, about two months ago, this total a-hole rejected my delivery and provided totally new instructions for articles on an entirely different topic. I redelivered, told him that he got what he paid for and I’m not going to eat the cost of his mistake (nicer than that, obviously). What followed was essentially a war of him rejecting the delivery, me redelivering the original, him rejecting it, on and on. Eventually, he left what can only be described as the world’s nastiest review. He claimed to be an longtime customer of mine (lie), and that I had called him racist and derogatory names (huge lie), that I had betrayed him (?) and that before ordering, any prospective clients should contact him to hear about how horrible I was (are you kidding me?). Contact support, feedback swiftly removed.

There were probably other times, before the current CS system was implemented. I don’t know what to tell you. Every time I’ve asked them to remove false negative feedback, they’ve been great about it. I’d be interested in knowing how you approach CS and what kind of evidence you provide.

I had zero issues getting feedback removed in the past. It is since the new guys came into play that I have. They just seem to copy and paste replies. I tend to give a pretty in-depth account as to why I want the feedback removed and why it is against their terms and conditions (I have never been rude to a staff member, apart from one, when I told them to stop copy and pasting their replies. I wasn’t even rude, I just asked them to give me a proper answer to the question. That led to me losing my TRS, so I won’t do that again). In the past, I have had 6-7 obvious blackmail and silly reviews removed i.e. somebody leaving negative feedback because the 2 articles I sent were not 100% original in comparison to one another (impossible to be, because he supplied me with the same keywords for each). They were 95% original. The only time the same words were used in the same order were with the key phrases I was provided. That was, obvious, stupidity on his part.

The older people (when they read the tickets) tend to be more inclined to give a decent answer, but new guys…no.

I don’t know how you have managed to get the feedback removed, and it kinda depresses me. I have just one feedback (out of thousands) for quality of content. I have explained that a person can’t possibly leave negative feedback on the quality of content if they have not read it (plus I said I have no negatives for quality) and they still can’t see my point of view. None of mine (apart from the first) really reeked of blackmail (i.e. begging for free content), it was more “if you do not refund me, you get a negative”).

I am sure if one of the older customer support members looked into it, it would be removed. However, none of the new team will pass the message along (or give me reasons as to why it doesn’t breach the terms and conditions)

Ryan, you keep poking the beast. I enjoy prodding the beast too, but I generally stick between the moneymaking and shaking rules, since that’s the only thing any of us actually cares about.

That said, the next mealy mouthed review I get (and I’ve had a few this week!) I’m just going to take a screen shot of the gig from order to delivery plus odds and end and say “you know what, you judge for yourself and remember my awesome reviews”.

Because some of these people I really want to thump! And stop offering so much for so little…

Once gain, cut gig deliverables, double times. Don’t be the architect of your own demise, please?

I messaged customer support earlier saying to close my ticket as the feedback had been removed by the customer. Their response indicated they never even read my ticket.

“Hi there,
Thank you for contacting us and referring for this issue.
After careful consideration, the feedback was removed. We will review your buyer with our Trust & Safety team. We will not be able to provide any details of the review due to our Privacy Policy.
We would like to remind you that working in a professional way and using nice manners is a good approach to take. If you continue like that, in the future you might reach top rated level again.
Hope this helps.
Have a nice day.”

Hear, hear!

Hi Ryan, I looked at your feedback and my opinion is that you are a great writer obviously and it is all the canceled order failed to deliver on time reviews that is the main issue. Maybe increase the time to deliver would be a good idea?
If I were looking for a writer, after reading your reviews I would hire you even in spite of that one bad one but the failure to deliver on time reviews would stop me.

The first para (“After careful consideration…”) sounds canned, but the next one does sound like a personal message from Mary Poppins!

In my experiences they will side with the buyer most of the time no matter what. I had a buyer leave a 4.5 feedback thinking they left a 5 star feedback. They were upset and apologetic about it since they really loved my work. It brought my gig rating down from 100% to 99% and we both sent a message to customer support. All I got was “Your client must be the one to remove feedback” but I gave up trying to get them to figure out HOW after the 3rd time a week later… Just cancel an order if you feel the buyer is going to be a nuisance … it doesnt allow them to leave a rating. Best advice I can give you .

That stems, mainly, from people ordering the incorrect gigs. Clients seem to think that they can have 100+ articles in 4 days (despite my gig saying get in touch for larger orders). We do still get punished for mutual cancellations. It doesn’t impact our level, but it influences our position in the search engines. Most of those customers agree that I can go over the 4 days, but cancel the second that it goes ‘Very Late’. It is dreadfully annoying. Some cancellations are due to people ordering content for the wrong gig. Again, recommended I don’t mutually cancel and I have the assurance from the client that they will not cancel, but they do anyway. I wish there was a button that you could click which will increase the time frame of delivery on the gig (with mutual consent, of course)

Recently, the lateness has been my fault. I have been in and out of hospital with sickness, and it turns out one of my clients gained access to my DropBox and edited 400 files which I had yet to proofread. Customer support say you should inform people if you are going to be late, which I do, and the client agrees, but they cancel anyway.

All of this could be rectified with a button that allows you, by mutual agreement, to increase the delivery time frame on a gig. I have tried to explain the late delivery cancellations on my gig, but to no avail.

At the moment, I have about a 40% conversion rate on that gig, so most people do not seem to be reading the reviews. It is just that I can no longer get the views on my gig to make a living.

Sellers are also punished for mutual cancellations.

It wouldn’t surprise me if mutual cancellations do affect sellers when there are lots of them. I still think that late cancellations would be worse. As a buyer I know for sure lots of “no delivery” reviews will stop me from buying.