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I have been waiting for work for 4 months and there is a new development

It’s too early to say that everything I’ve experienced is true yet. But there are some experiences,

  • Perhaps it would be enough to add a few gigs of really good quality instead of adding many similar gigs.

  • As long-term designers say, the cover photo is important. But another important thing is the fit of the profile. If a photo you chose for your profile photo looks complex or sarcastic, the customer will not find it professional. This is exactly an advice that is equivalent to experience.

  • Your advertisement on social media may not be bringing the potential buyer. But it definitely brings you interactivity.

  • No matter what works you sell, be minimal or maximalist. It is a mess between the two and brings out-of-date works.

  • Pricing is so important that I want to draw attention to this. Be sincere to your work and pricing honestly. My advice is to use a 3-pack and organize wisely. Leaving the customer indecisive between categories indicates that you priced correctly. Because sometimes he/she may find the secondary package more profitable instead of making an additional fee. It’s up to you!

  • Although this is an off-platform activity I’m going to say, read books that teach you patience and stability. I read this book whenever I am in despair (napoleon hill think and grow rich)

I’m sure there are people who find some things I say strategic and avoid sharing them with others.
But the reason I shared this post is because I have a busy week at the end of my entire wait. Maybe 1 month ago I was wandering around the forum desperately and thinking about what I could change. Sometimes I came across advice or misdirection that I thought was ridiculous. But these are my sincere advice.

Thank you!


Excellent post. Thanks a lot.


You’re welcome. Good Luck!

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