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I have been working for 6 months but I can't find order in fiverr?

I hope you will help me. I have been working tirelessly for 6 months on Fiverr but I have not received more than one order. Besides, I have made buyer requests like 1200. What should I do now to get my order?
Here is my gig link:

Thanks :slight_smile:


Good gig. Try again and again.

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Buyer requests? Can someone inform me on how to use them?

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Think about the business you’re in, there are 20000 others doing ‘a unique logo design’. You’ll have to pop out!

Not really tirelessly if you only got one order in 200 days.
Work on everything, make other gigs that you can do.

The logo industry on Fiverr is overpopulated and it is probably hardest to get an order there.

100 backgrounds removed for only 5 dollars is just crazy low and you are basically saying that you will do a bad job.

Try raising your prices as being cheap and giving unlimited revisions is obviously not working for you.

Work tirelessly

Your profile description reads that you have 8 years of experience as a freelancer on different platforms. You are supposed to know better than anyone that it’s very competitive here. Especially in your specialty.

What can I do now?