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I have best skills for fb video ads instagram video ads than why im not getting orders

i have best skills for fb video ads instagram video ads than why im not getting orders

I’m sorry but I don’t think your mental position as having the “best skills for fb video ads” is going to help you see what you could do to improve.

I played through your main demo videos and as an animator I wasn’t impressed at all.

As a potential customer I couldn’t even understand what it is that I would get or why I would want it.

I am not here to criticize, I just thought I would suggest that you change your mindset to: “what I have isn’t working right now, how can I improve?”.


With this mindset coming dozens of people here, and after a month or two just quit fiverr. Reason, to much self confidence with things what u have and not ready to adapt the new things and feel like you are the best. I am videographer 50+ weddings a year 100+ photo shoots a year. And much much more, i feel like i am just starting, now publishing myself as a best creator…

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And how u can call yourself as best at those FB video and Instagram ads, if your portfolio videos are pre-made templates downloaded from videohive?

Regardless of whether or not they are VH templates, they are lackluster to say the least.

So I think this is a deeper issue of what makes someone claim that they are the best at something, when they are not.

They are just setting themselves up for failure.

If you are not able to catch your clients how could you say that your best? you have to reach them, focus on your gigs also share or promote them to your target customer @gharkahakeemno1

True, it took me a year, researching upgrading and still learning how to work on fiverr and to my goals + attitude and skills . It makes your way up, not being ignorant.