I have big proplem


I have a problem in my gigs no visits to any gigs of mine , i have 10 gigs but visits zero???

At the beginning of the 30 day I got daily visits to my gigs , but between now and two weeks ago there was no visits i contact support , but they told me that they cant guarantee views, orders, or anything else.and It is up to sellers to promote their gigs.

Is it happened with any of you ? and how to solve the problem?

there is my gigs file



Same problem here …i need also solution for this problem…i think we new user faced this problem a lot…problem is how can i found a buyer if no one saw my gigs …and also my gigs not shown on top page …now i am little disappointed about this topics …

kjblynx said: the stats collection program is messed up

Indeed! I created a Gig a week or so ago. The next day my stats showed 6.4k Impressions from Fiverr, 8 Clicks, 14 Page views. Nothing has changed since then.
What does "impressions from Fiverr" even mean?


@ricksper impressions is how many times your gig is shown to people, this doesn’t mean that they see your gig (it can be below the line of sight on the screen) or that the people even are interested in your gig. It means that by going to the home page or searching, someone got your gig between a bunch of other gigs. But if your gig has a lot of impressions, sooner or later you will get buyers who contact you.


kjblynx said: the stats collection program is messed up.

i was going to create new topic about that, because i contacted the customer service
and no answers yet