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I have buyers who are not completing their requirements

I have got 1 order that is pending with buyer for over 40 days now - it is still as status as awaiting requirements.

Now I am not sure what I need to do here, keep it or send it for cancellation. I am worried if I have it cancelled it will affect my “Cancellation Rate” Matrix. So I am not sure what I need to do so it doesn’t affect my ranking.

Please advice.

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Cancelling an incomplete order will affect your order completion rate.

Not cancelling it will just make it stay there forever (or until Fiverr decides to do something about them)

So, assuming you’ve already used the ‘Nudge’ button on the order page, I would advise contacting the buyer through the Fiverr Inbox and remind them that they’ve placed an order with you but haven’t provided you the information you need to start working on it.

Once you tell them that, you can even ask the buyer about the info you need so that you can then manually start the order yourself.

IF, however, you’ve contacted the buyer and they didn’t respond, they might have their perfectly valid reasons (think unforeseen life happenings), in which case you can simply leave the order as is and move on to the next buyer - leaving it as is and forgetting about it will not affect your metrics.

P.S. you’ll be amazed how many buyers order and don’t leave any info thinking that they already sent the info when in fact they didn’t, at least not in the right place

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Done this too! - It just seems that buyer is not responding at all. I am not sure what to do. If they respond I can start the work manually and complete it, but I need to have their URL(s) and passwords before I can work on their landing page.

The buyer might have their perfectly valid reasons not to respond (think unforeseen life happenings), in which case you can simply leave the order as is and move on to the next buyer - leaving it as is and forgetting about it will not affect your metrics. You can retry contacting them after a month or so.

I had a buyer who made an order, didn’t give any info, wasn’t responding to my messages in Inbox, and after a month he contacted me to tell me that his mother had died.

As mentioned, there are perfectly valid reasons not to respond, and your buyer might go through some unexpected rough times, too. Which is why you should try again after a month or so.


The longest it took the buyer to actually respond to me was 2 weeks (she was still gathering the all the information).

If it’s month+ I think it’s safe to say the person is not coming back, though, and you can cancel it. I’ve never yet had an unresponsive buyer coming back after months looking for their order.

I strongly disagree with this sentence.

I’ve had buyers who placed orders, left them incomplete, and came back after months and even a Year, submitting the info and delivering the order without problems.

Also, cancelling an incomplete order will impact the seller’s Analytics, putting them at risk for demotion. Why would you tell the OP to cancel the order? OP can just leave it there, forget about it, no harm done if it stays there, as opposed to cancelling it and potentially getting demoted :frowning:

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@Woofy31 Thanks for your valuable input.


Order cancellations happen and they do affect every seller. It’s not the end of the world, however, and it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t cancel any orders ever if you’re not comfortable.

If you are okay with having an incomplete order hanging over your head for a year, not knowing when it actually falls, that’s your approach, not mine. For me, it’s a complete disregard for my schedule on the buyer’s part. And I like to have my schedule in order so I know my commitments and can always honor them.

Like I said, in my 3 years on here no one yet came back after a month. So a month is what I’m comfortable to give a person.

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True, it’s not the end of the world IF the seller has many orders on a regular basis and thus affords having a handful of cancellations now and then, which wouldn’t affect their stats, which I assume is your case :slight_smile:

But if you look at the OP’s profile, he doesn’t have that many sales, and any single cancellation could result in a demotion and further demotions, which would be the end of the world for some sellers as we have all seen lately on the forum with all the mass demotions :confused:

So until a seller reaches a certain amount of monthly orders, it’s not about being comfortable or not cancelling orders, it’s about having the possibility to afford getting or making cancellations :slight_smile:

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All this debate would be unnecessary if somehow the sensible thing could be done - sellers shouldn’t be punished for buyers’ mistakes.


True that.

But you also have to be very aware of these “sleeper” orders at all times. Because they can just sneak on you when you’re at your sister’s wedding out of the country with “By the way, we need it by tomorrow” on top. And then you’ll be facing cancellation either way.

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I’d love for incomplete orders to get automatically cancelled after, say, a week with no impact on seller’s stats. It’d be just awesome.



Don’t worry for this order.Many time you see this type of buyer but you don’t worry the buyer will back to you.some buyer are new that’s why they order and forget to submit requirements so it’s not to worry.Message him many times so he reply to you.


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This is true. As of now, I can’t afford to cancel any order as the volumes are pretty low. I am am trying to improve the volumes - but just 1 of my gig is performing. Waiting for others to start giving me orders.

@lenasemenkova I don’t like sleeper orders, this is why I wanted to cancel it. But right now, I can’t as it will affect my ranking. I don’t have any personal commitments in near future. So I will let it stay in my order list. Let’s see what happen and by when.

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This will be a great feature. Fiverr will need to do it.


In that case, let it be one of those cases of the magic reappearing buyer. :slight_smile: Good luck, hopefully they will show up in no time.


Messaging a buyer many times can make the buyer report you for spamming, which would get an Account Flag - it is strongly discouraged to message someone “many times” because of that. Not to mention that the buyer’s email provider might think Fiverr messages are spam and move them to the Spam Folder, too.

Messaging the buyer once in a few weeks or monthly is more appropriate, but even so it’s best to just stop messaging after a few times.


Yes i have many this type of incomplete orders. If the buyer not responding there is no other way than cancelling. Actually cancelling these will effect the order complete rate.

How i am managing this is … Cancelling one or two per month to maintain the order complete rate above 90%.

Do not cancel everything once then you will be loose your level.

But if you are handling below 10 orders per month this will not help.

hello I mean to say message him in week or in a month like 2 to 3 times in week not instantly