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I have completed 11 orders but only received 2 reviews

I am so confused.
I provide stellar services and have great communications with the buyer. But, yet when it’s time to leave a review (I don’t care if its two stars or five I just want their honest feedback)
They don’t even bother to leave a review. I tried to “NOT” leave a review as a buyer because of my lack of reviews but it did not sit right with me. Especially when the seller politely asked me to leave a review after I accepted the order and left it hanging for a day. I also was getting a notification reminding me to rate my experience.

Like are you even human when you leave a freelancer who provided you with quick replies to messages and delivered your order on time?

I’m just so lost. Someone fill me in. Please. :worried:

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Your seller is lucky he did not get a warning from Fiverr for asking for a review!

I have several buyers who do not want their competitors or anyone else to know from whom they make purchases. Some buyers do not others to know what they are buying.

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I’m well aware of that but that’s not stopping them from asking apparently lol

I’ve had several ask me to leave a review.

Report them and they will stop. Fiverr does not need this kind of seller on the platform.


Many sellers would much rather prefer no review than a two star review; I guess you put a much higher importance on feedback than most.

Reviews can be a cherry-on-top of a nice, pleasant order, or they can be vindictive, venomous slaps to the face to end horrific business transactions; but under no condition are they ever required to be given.


Thank you Vicki. Definitely will keep that in mind.

Yeah, I just find it odd. But, Vickie’s explanation really gave me an insight to their reasonings’ for not reviewing. If the bad review is honest it would help me to improve. But, hey they completed the order and didn’t cancel or request a refund. I guess that should be satisfactory enough for me.


You completed the order and received their money, mission accomplished! Anything extra is just that, extra. And extra isn’t always a good thing…


Thank you for your perspective! I just needed to rant but, I will definitely have a new attitude regarding that bit. :relieved:


you must delivery the client on time and ask the buyer are you 100% satisfied of my services?? If He/She told you yes…then delivery the order…It may be helpful to get your review. Best of luck…

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A really awesome tip! Thanks! :slightly_smiling_face:

Not an awesome tip. It makes it sound like like you’re not confident in your work.

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Deliver order on time? Asking the buyer if they are satisfied with the service being provided… isn’t a awesome tip?

‘Deliver on time’ is not a tip. It’s a necessary principal for good business practices and long-term success.

As for outright asking if a client is ‘satisfied’ at the end of the transaction… (how to explain…)

Firstly, you should be checking in and/or reporting throughout the process, not just or only at the end. Be proactive rather than reactive. Second, asking at the end might cause a client to recall portions that were not pleasant.

Think of it like shopping at a store. You have your list and you find out the store is out of your preferred brand of beans. You get the house brand, because it works just fine. When you get to the casher, they ask ‘did you find everything alright?’ and instead of thinking ‘yes’, you just remember that they were out of your beans.

Now the store frequently has employees on the floor, but none of them talked to you. But you also didn’t seek them out. If you had asked, or if one of them had approached you, you might have found out that they did have the beans, they just hadn’t restocked the shelf yet.

Back to the cashier, you mention the beans. The casher takes a moment and looks it up and finds it. Yay! Except: you were ready to leave. You were ready to pay and walk out the door. You were fine with the house-brand beans. Now you have to wait.

This isn’t about satisfaction. This is about communication and human psychology. Consumer behavior.

Fiverr itself reminds/prompts the Buyer to leave a review plenty of times already. You don’t need to.



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Satisfy your buyer by doing their needs. They will automatically leave a review. Last 7 days I have received 4 orders and all of these are 5*

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Thank you so much for the detailed explanation. I am still learning and the next day after my rant my recent seller left a review. I have to learn to practice patience. :relieved:

that’s what I said… :expressionless: